Update on my shitty life

Hi everyone I just wanted to get on here to update with whats going on in my life and just vent. I don't know where to even start. There's a lot but also there isn't? 
I'm just going to write what I'm feeling and what I want to say. So beware this post is going to confusing and everywhere. I warned you so don't get frustrated because I don't know how to write at the moment. 

April 2018 boxycharm unboxing

Hello, everyone, I am back!!! Sorry, this unboxing took a while to get up but my boxycharm arrived a bit late this month... I believe they used FedEx to ship it out and they usually take a while to get to my P.O. box. I know these posts aren't the most exciting things anymore because boxycharm just spills the beans on the box every single month now which sucks because I use to like when they only gave us one spoiler or two but now they just let us know the whole box. Whether you care or not I will still be posting my unboxings but I also want to stay away from these posts now because everyone knows what's in the box and we have all been getting the same things. I will say that my unboxings most of the time are also a first impression because I use the things after I'm done taking pictures for the blog. 

Let's get into this month's unboxing!

Colourpop New Theory Lippie Kit Swatches

Hi everyone, I am back and this time with a swatch party! I recently caved in and bought the New Theory lippie kit from colourpop's butterfly spring collection, as well as a super shock shadow. I bought these with my own money... Obviously! I wish I would get PR packages but I probably will never be on that level and that's totally fine with me. I just like sharing my experience and having my excitement for makeup and other things out in the world

I was very interested in this lippie kit because I need more lipsticks (I don't but you know) and surprisingly I only own one of their lippie stick and wanted to try out more I thought the colors were amazing for spring. I am so excited to rock a red lip or a nude lip with my cute spring outfits.

I am so sorry it took forever to get this posted but there have been some laptop issues and I really need to find time to fix my laptop but that doesn't matter....

So let's get the swatch party/first impressions started!!!

Things I have bought recently from T.J.Maxx and Ross!

Hey everyone!
I was looking at my old blog post and I was like aw my blog was so cute so I am going to try to put in that cute and get to know more about me element back! Recently I have been buying a lot of my skincare and things from t.j.maxx & ross because there is so many awesome skincare there and it's doesn't break the bank! If you're a hater of these types of stores you are out of your mind and obviously, don't care about saving money and getting good products. I started caring about my skin after I got a really bad hive from one of my PJ shirts and sadly that left me with some dark spots and I wanted to help it out. I was never a skincare type of person till I got hives on my face because I have good skin thanks to my parents. Anywho, let's get into the things I've collected from t.j.maxx over the course of like a month. If you are interested in any of the products just click on the images for the item and it should take you to a link where you can buy it :3 Sadly they will not be tjmaxx prices but it's hard to find them on there because t.j.maxx online store is way different than in stores.