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I'm here with another post, it's not all that interesting but I wanted to do it anyways. I'm trying to approach this blog on all angles, but I don't know how to start. Anyways back to this post :3

Their last two albums have helped me let go of all the tears I wanted to let out. Nell is an amazing band, all their songs have such meaning to them. Most of their songs are sad so if you take a listen to them, be aware.  I literally love all of nell's songs. I am a sad soul so this type of k-indie is perfect for me. Nell hits the pain that I feel inside every single time. It's amazing you don't have to know korean to know the mood of the song, although I do read lyrics for every song. 
Some of my favorite Nell songs: 
Icy Stroll (a song about me :l) 
Haven (another song about me)

                      " I don't blame you but it hurts"  

                         I love John Mayer like loads. I spend a whole night watching his live videos from concerts on youtube, that's when I noticed that he's truly great! Him playing the guitar and all * q * ahhhhz-balls!!! I can really appreciate this album, it has most of my favorite songs. All the songs are calming and are great when you have the blues,well not the songs are sad but yano.

                                                        Some of my faves from this album: 

                                         Bold As Love

Slow Dancing In A Burning Room (literally love this song) 
I would list the whole album tbh 

I've always liked Zion.T but didn't really listen to him till like a week ago. Zion.T voice is the coolest! His style of music is perfect, they're upbeat and chill hip hop/r&b which is nice. I heard some cussing on this album which is something i'm not use to hearing from a korean artist but I love it! 
Some of my faves from this album: 

I love this song, its catchy and its my feelings. Janice and Sonia's singing is perfect, makes me want to sing with my alright voice :3 

Easy to listen to and I like the lyrics 

*q* talk about hottie, she's perf and her voice damnnn....

Thanks, that's all for now sweeties 



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