Birchbox Unboxing: August 2013

The theme for this month in the box was finishing school and this is the card it came with.

This item is an eh for me since I don't like any kind of tanning.... :s 

It had samples inside ^^ 

This was what was in the mini box thingy :3

I like this color a lot! It's something I would totally wear on my lips, so I was happy. 

Not the best sample ever but eh it's sunscreen that's organic OOOooooOOoo fancy~ 

Swatchy swatch of the lippy product ^^ 

I got excited when I saw this ^ o ^ es my recent best friend i've been using a lot of.....

Dry shampoo woot woot 

I'll see how this works on the weekend, hopefully it'll make my skin soft for my boyfriend. <3 ___ <3

All the products that were in this month's birchbox ^^

This was my first unboxing of a birchbox... Over all I do like most of the stuff. I think my favorite item is probably the dry shampoo, I wash my hair every 2-3 days now and I use a lot of dry shampoo and I am very very excited to use it! Weeeeeeeeee ^^ Maybe tomorrow i'll do a blog post to my bf since it's our 2 year anni just a heads up :3 hehe 

♡ Back 2 School Haul ♡


 Cute erasers doe :'

These kinds of pens are my favorite ^^

I picked up this pencil pouch for now but I going to order a bigger one/cuter one online soon, maybe :3

The inside of the pencil pouch

The colors of these crayons are so cute and ahhhh my fave colors 

I don't know what these are called but I thought this will be neater than having a lot of folders for my classes, I think I still need to buy some folders though. 

New blush because right now i'm loving blushes. * w * I did a swatch of it but its very sheer so it would do any good to add a picture of the swatch....

I saw these at wal-mart and had to get them! I remember graveyardgirl was talking about these in one of her videos and I also liked the print so I got them. I just think they're all cool and sassy, something new for me hahah

One of my favorite mascaras!! It's great, a lot of beauty gurus on youtube talk about this mascara and it's totally worth the hype! I ran out so I picked up a new one, although its the wrong shade browish black which kinda sucks but oh wells too lazy to go back and return it. I usually get the black black one...

something for my locker it was a dollar so what the heck, right? 

I don't really know about this bronzer but for now i'll just use it. Maybe I should review it, I used it today. I don't really wear bronzer though 

I fell in love with this nail polish because the color is so pretty ^ w ^ 

my nails are horrible.... I know :c don't be judging me 

Not sure if this really works but I hope it does :3 

I already used it a couple of times so ; ~ ; but I though to throw another blush I got a couple days ago.

I barely got all this stuff yesterday for school since I'm starting tomorrow :c weh
Hopefully I won't get any homework so I can post some stuff on here. I have some ideas but it would be lovely if people gave me blog post ideas ^^ 
okay bye for now everybunny hehe