Birchbox Unboxing: August 2013

The theme for this month in the box was finishing school and this is the card it came with.

This item is an eh for me since I don't like any kind of tanning.... :s 

It had samples inside ^^ 

This was what was in the mini box thingy :3

I like this color a lot! It's something I would totally wear on my lips, so I was happy. 

Not the best sample ever but eh it's sunscreen that's organic OOOooooOOoo fancy~ 

Swatchy swatch of the lippy product ^^ 

I got excited when I saw this ^ o ^ es my recent best friend i've been using a lot of.....

Dry shampoo woot woot 

I'll see how this works on the weekend, hopefully it'll make my skin soft for my boyfriend. <3 ___ <3

All the products that were in this month's birchbox ^^

This was my first unboxing of a birchbox... Over all I do like most of the stuff. I think my favorite item is probably the dry shampoo, I wash my hair every 2-3 days now and I use a lot of dry shampoo and I am very very excited to use it! Weeeeeeeeee ^^ Maybe tomorrow i'll do a blog post to my bf since it's our 2 year anni just a heads up :3 hehe 

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