Mini haul

Hai ^^ i'm back with another post. I went to target yesterday before my bff picked me up and got some makeup! I love target because they have e.l.f. and e.l.f. is pretty cheap and most products are good quality. 

           The first thing I picked up was this foundation. I was trying to look for it at wal-mart but they ran out of the color I think I am. I heard loads of good things about this foundation from many beauty gurus so I wanted to try it out for myself :3 It's suppose to be a 3-1 foundation: being a primer, concealer and a foundation. So far I haven't tried this product yet so I don't know what to say about it. Maybe i'll do my own review of this foundation on here!

This little product is suppose to make your makeup say "smudge-proof"... The box it came in says you can coat it over your eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick,blush, brow color and more to make it sealed and stay in place. I just got it because it sounded neat and I need my makeup to stay in place and melt off by the time I head out the door. I need to be a drag queen everywhere I go. 

I've wanted a stippling brush for a while but most of the ones I want are expensive :c so I thought I could give this a try for now

I've been wanting to buy a nice soft blush for a while but I haven't found any good ones yet, till I saw this one. In the photo it looks peachy and sorta nude but irl it's a light pink. Its really light so it won't make you look like a clown ^^ The name of the blush is called tickled pink btw.

you can see my, my little pony pj pants ;; 

tried taking a swatch picture but its really light you can't even tell.

I just thought this was a nice neon orange for my toes, so I got it. But man oh man is essie expensive.... It is way too over priced 

I needed a new pink lipgloss since my mac one I got for prom is almost gone... It doesn't smell as good as the mac one but its more cheap and I like the color on my lips :3 I'm swear my bf will too haha

                                                             swatchy swatch ^^

That was it, thanks for coming to my blog. Mwah  

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