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DISCLAIMER: Just a heads up i'm not a pro at talking about relationships and all this jazz, I just want to put that out there. I just want to make a post that may or may not help someone. I'm not trying to make myself look like I know everything about dating because obviously I don't. I'm only 17 years old and I have a long way to go till I know how things work around me and this world. On that note, let me get back to my post.

Well I first want to talk about is the beginning of a relationship. In the beginning of a relationship most people aren't really close to each other, obviously it's because, its only the beginning of something that will grow. So slowly the both of you will get closer and closer. It just take a little bit of time. You just got to be a little patient. But in some cases there are some couple that from the beginning of their relationship they are lovey dovey. As of the beginning of my current relationship I was super duper lovely dovey. I said the cutest things ever. My boyfriend was really cheesy too, like it makes me laugh just thinking about the things he use to say. After this beginning stage of your relationship things will be a tat bit easier. You just got to build up on something :3 

Okay I think the most important thing once you're settled in your relationship is have trust for each other!!!! I can not say this more than once but here it goes again, please please PLEASE make sure you trust this person! As one of my favorite youtuber said, "No trust, No relationship" ! You can't be out and about and be like, "OMG I gotta worry about my man cheating on me!!!" You won't be happy in a relationship like that, you'll just be wasting your time worrying about stupid things, well unless he is cheating on you then drop that guy in less than two seconds! But you know that's the worst thing that can happen when you trust someone. I know trust is a big deal in a relationship, and I understand that giving someone trust is a really REALLY hard thing to do, trust me. Especially if maybe you got trust issues because of people in the past. Trusting this person is for the greater good! 

When you're in a relationship, you gotta work like a team! You need to be working together :3 If you want to be treated like a queen/princess  you gotta treat that special somebunny like your king/prince. Or vise versa if you're the guy. There needs to be a equal balance in a relationship. Oh my do I need to take this advice for myself! I am a meanie bear in my current relationship and sometimes I treat my current special somebunny like poop... I'm sorry I do that sometimes sweetie! You know who you are and are probably reading this. But anyways don't be a poopy bear with each other! In a relationship working together is the best way to go.

You made a compromise to be in a relationship and you should at least do you're best to work on maintaining a good healthy relationship! 

That's pretty much it for this post about relationship I might be doing more because I think they might actually be good and useful/helpful so yeah!! :3 thank you for who ever is reading this for taking some time to read this or even be on my blog! I really appreciate it! Mwah! 


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