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Since I'm going back to school tomorrow I thought I should do this post for myself and for some other people ^^ My brother and I were talking last night about some tips and sorta advice for school. He's an 8th grader this year and I'm a senior this year :3 but even by our grade difference we came up with the same tips and all that jazz.

♡ Here are some: 

  •    Bring gum 
 You don't want smelly breath at school trust me ; ~ ; but it sucks if you do have gum at school because people literally beg for gum ugh it's really annoying!!
  •  Go to sleep early
         I know most of us don't do this, especially me but I think we should all start sleeping earlier. 
  • Stay away from school food and bring your own lunch!
       I'm going to start doing this :3 it's nice to get yummy food from your house or just bring like a snack from home that you can eat at lunch since I usually eat at home after school.
  • Don't let yourself get bullied!
        We can all agree that there is always a meanie at school :c don't let that person be a pooper to you! I don't know how it is for boys but my brother says that there are a lot of poopy people at his school u___u ugh 
  • Use the bathroom at your house before you go to school! 
   I know this might be a little tmi but like who wants to poop at school??? bahaha not me, so just try to get your number 2 out of your system before you go to school. Everyone needs to poop man, everybunny poops! 
  • Don't go to the nurse!
       Me and my brother agreed that most school nurses suck! One day at my current school I went to the nurse and I was feeling horrible because I drank coffee which was a horrible idea, so I went to the school nurse and she literally just gave me a bunch of water and was calling me pretty. It literally didn't help me feel any better, the only thing that happened when I was at the nurse office was she let me lay down but that was about it. If you feel like super duper horrible then just try to call your parent and tell them that your not feeling good, but if that all fails then go to the nurse I guess. 
  • Bring a water bottle
     Stay hydrated school. It sucks for me because I drink a lot of water and asking the teacher to a drink of water often is a drag since most teachers are meanies >:l        
  • Do after school activities
      I personally don't do an after school activity, this is a tip from my brother but I think it could be a good thing for someone to make friends and do something :3 
  •      Bring a snack
   As I said before, snacks are always good to carry in your bag or backpack. Bring some fruit or some kind of bar, I bought a bunch of applesauce slippy things that little kids eat but i'm gonna bring them as a snack for when i'm in class ^^ since people at school already think i'm like 5 haha
  • Be nice to your teachers/respect when they are teaching!! 
    I don't get how some people can be so disrespectful to their teachers, I really REALLY don't get it. It makes me upset because i'm trying to use my time well at school and a lot of students at my school are messing around and making noises while the teacher is talking.... Like really?? 
  • Do your homework on time and turn it on time! 
   When you do your homework on time and turn it in on time, it makes you look good and responsible to your teacher. There are cases that have happened in my class that the students that have turned their homework on time and all that were able to retake a test since they are good students, sadly I wouldn't have that option since I would turn it in on time u__u but this year i'll be on top of that! 
  • Look sharp
  I don't really care about looking sharp at school anymore tbh, but sometimes it is nice to look nice or cute for school :3 
  • Behave your age, don't act like a monkey!
    Seriously it's school
  • If your a loner, act like batman 
       (obviously from my brother) omfg

  • Eat breakfast!!
   I'm sure you know why you should eat breakfast
  • Be yourself
  Dress the way you want to dress, don't care about what other people think! You only have to see these poopers for a couple of hours.... Like what you want to like! Just be yourself please! ♡
  • Don't be that person that disturbs the class
   Seriously you don't have to be screaming at your teacher and calling them names just because you don't get your way ( this is for the some people at my school u____u ) 
  • Dont' hang out in the halls
    I literally hate when i'm in class and I hear people out in the hall laughing and screaming at each other just because they don't have somewhere to be, have some respect for the damn classes that are going on, go outside or something.. 

That's pretty much all I have for now, if you have more tips/advice just comment on this post :3 
I would love to see what some people say! 
Both me and my brother came up with these from what happens at our schools, and our schools are kinda ghetto hahah. 
Okay well thank you for coming on my blog and reading this!!

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