Small H&M/F21 Haul

okay so I went to the mall today and bought some stuff for school but ugh I am very picky so I only got a few things! ^^ btw yeah I know this picture is blurry haha, I just couldn't take a good picture tbh. Sowwie :c 

This is my favorite thing I got! Aka a dress, I love dresses so much... I think if you know me irl you know this already because I wear dresses everyday, well not in the winter sadly :c but I do wear dresses in the fall still with tights. I saw this dress and I thought of something I would wear if I went to a tea party. Someone have a tea party with me? :3 ( the lighting sucks since it's not natural lighting it lighting from a poopy lamp, sowwie again!!) 

I got it from f21, woah has it been a while since I bought something from that store. Most of the stuff there was all with crosses and ugh that style thats in the mainstream fashion right now is so fricking ugly like EWWWW! As if!!!! 

I only wear flats :3 so yay new flats with cute bows! ( I'm a size 6 ; from h&m )

The lighting made this shirt weird and this picture does no justice for this shirt, the color isn't like that at all!!!!  UGH.It's like a pink brown if that even makes sense. Always I love this shirt, I think it's very cute and simple for school and for my wardrobe. It looks very modest, but it's lacy on the top so it not that modest, but still its cute, and I like the design that lacy. I'm just hoping it looks good on me since I didn't try it on, whoops ' ~ ' 

See it's cute and pretty :3 

the sleeves are cute too

Small for tiny me and it's from h&m 

New jeans, aka black denim. I like to wear jeans at school a lot. Sometimes I don't want to look as cute.

From f21, i'm a size 24 ^^ 

I liked it so I picked it up. 

It has a bow mhmmmm mhmm gurl u know me

Okay that was it, I bought a new bra and undies but no one on the internet needs to see what I wear underneath unless you're my boyfriend :3 I also got a white tank top and rings but that's boring~ 
I'm hoping to have my pink wig review on here tomorrow, let's hope I stick to that. Then a relationship post that ugh I don't know how to write it but I really want to do it! It'll probably be about my current relationship and other things, but I don't know. 
Bye for now cutie bears!! 

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