♡ My Last homecoming ♡

My hair, I watched this tutorial if you wanted to know how to do your hair like it ^^ Obviously I put my own twist on it, and it came out so nice and pretty. 

Selca after I did my makeup and everything. My phone camera isn't the best as you can tell...

Me, my boyfriend, and my friend redet went to dinner, we went to a korean bbq place ^ u ^ sorry about the blurry pictures.

It was so much food!!

Redet ordered fried rice and she shared cause she was being nice, usually she never shares her food...

Aaron was getting some of the rice... bahah

Aaron looked 2 seci ~ 

I can't with this picture, its such an ugly picture. I swear aaron's phone takes ugly pictures ; ~ ; my smile is eww and redet looks omg. But I wanted to share it for the people. Hahah

My favorite picture of the night. Aaron doesn't like it though cause his hair is messed up but nobunny can notice it. It literally looks fine, I don't see anything bad.

I'm sorry the pictures weren't the best..... I am very very aware about it. Nonetheless I had loads of fun with Redet and Aaron, I'm so glad I went to my first homecoming and my last. I can't believe this year is my last time I can do all this high school stuff so I am living it up well with school events that it is... I think that's about it. I wish I took better pictures but its fine at least I took some! 
Byeeeee everyone. I love ya! 

Music favorites: September 2013

This is such a great album! I'm in love with her and her voice. Perfect just perfect. 
Faves from the album: 

This is all i've been listening to lately, its going to be my album for the fall probably. It's great and i'm so happy vampire weekend is back! Ahhhh they remind me of the good ol' days when I use to be a wannabe "hipster" haha. This album is my favorite right now, at the moment. I recommend you give it a listen! 
Faves from album: 

This song.... I can't. The music video is all like oh yeahh B) haha it's just really catchy and i'm loving it!
Listen to it/watch the music video here

His new album is a bit country which is so different from his other songs/albums but I like it,there are some poppy songs in there too but its more of a country feel all around :3 Although there is some hits and misses in this album, the songs I like are on non-stop! I'm a big john mayer fangurl sometimes so sowwie haha... I think he looks adorable in the album cover omg ~
Some faves from Paradise Valley:

Other favorite random songs i've been loving this month: 

Ahhhhh this might be something I do every couple of months. My music taste is everywhere, literally.
In other news i'm going to homecoming tomorrow so yayy :3 i'll try to do a mini photo blog post if I can remember! Byeee <3 

♡ Makeup/Random Haul ♡

I went to target to get a bunch of stuff for homecoming so I can do my makeup and hair and I bought too much stuff my dad was pissed but I got everything done for homecoming haha ^^ 

                                                         No need to state the obvious here.

I got these to help me mow my eyebrow hair, aka my furballs. 

Oh yeah little bottles of nail polish for only 28 cents :' joy to the world! ~ 

Mini baby bottle of cetaphil. I always buy travel size stuff, I'm just weird like that ;  ~ ; 
                                          You can never have too many bobby pins if you're a girl 

                                            I'm such a sucker for cute packaging! 

                                                            Swatchy swachty ^ o ^ 

                                    I'm so in love with this concealer so far!!!! And I barely got it today.

                                                         stocked up on my favorite eyeliner

                I'm going to see if this one is as good as the benefit one, so I might review it soon! :3 

                                                 Earrings that i'm going to wear with my dress

                                                    Stocked up on another concealer 

                                              I love the color! I totally forgot to do a swatch, sorry! :c 

My collection of e.l.f products are growing, I heard this one is good so I decided to pick it up! My camera washed the colors off though, they're most bam in real life. 

                            I needed another powder brush so I thought to get this one for now ^^

I need some blog post ideas so if you want to see anything on here, just tell me somewhere and i'll get around to making a post about it! I'm trying to do a makeup video just for this blog and not youtube haha, but it's sorta hard when my camera is a pooper. If I can't fix that problem, i'll do a photo tutorial about how I do my makeup so don't worry I got a backup :3 
Byeeeeeeeeeee everybunny!