♡ 2 year anni post ♡ a photo diary kinda

so yesterday I saw my boyfriend and we went on a date for our anniversary. It was our 2 year anniversary :'3

cutie bearrrrrrr  ♡ ~ ♡


This was our food.... it was yummers ~ * q * We went to the spaghetti factory and I drank strawberry lemonade and that was a horrible idea since lemonade makes me *whispers* go potty a lot.... 

This is the picture I took of the food from my phone but my own food didn't show up.... whoops. I still added it on here though :3 omg you see that bowl of brown stuff.... that was a pool of butter, literally.

My food~ The shrimps were so perfect and yummy in my tummy ^^ 

After we ate we went to eat frozen yogurt and we also went to this candy store but I didn't take any pictures because I forgot to :c sowwie everybunny. 

Hehehe this is mine. I know from the lighting and everything it doesn't look all that great, but it was berry good ♡. I got birthday cake batter and mango sorbet with strawberries,blueberries, little cheesecake bites and sprinkles ^ o ^.... Aaron got mango sorbet with a bunch of mochi cause he's lame~ 

This is Aaron's face cause he hurt his jaw. Omfg he looks so cute :'3

Creepy mirror holding selca hahaha... I look mad but idk wateves 

Last picture of us being the cutest couple ever, we look so happy hehehe I love him ♡
I would add about how we were acting on the light rail but too lazy.. 

I am so lucky to have found my seoul-mate at this age. He is my everything, he's been with me from all my ups and downs and stayed. Without my lover buggie I don't know where I would be. I understand now when people say that their significant other makes them oh so happy because you make me oh so happy. I love you so much Aaron and I don't want anyone else in this world forever. I'm looking forward to all these other anniversaries to come!! ^ 3 ^ 
Happy 2 years to my special somebunny! 


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