♡ Heart tattoo tights review ♡

blurry mirror picture.... sowwie :c couldn't take a decent one haha 

Another picture of the tights on my legs :> 

The picture before a hole got on the tights :l 

The dang hole u____u it's not that bad but blahhh 

Sheer skin colored part of the tights 

Well let's start with where I got them. I bought them from ebay, I simply just looked up heart tights and these came up :3 I believe that I got them for only 3 dollars, I think. As to the shipping it was very quick! I got them in like 10 days which is quick coming from china, plus the shipping was free. I love these tights, I've only wore them once in public and when I took these pictures it was only the second day I wore them... Sighs the sad news is that they already have a hole on them!! Ugh. I know it isn't bad but that shows how cheap things sorta suck at times because the quality isn't all that great, basically why these type of tights are quiet cheap. It's just a tip to keep in mind when you buy cheap things, I am still bummed though :c anyways on the brightside I still think i'll wear them and buy more tattoo tights! 
I would rate these tights 5 hearts out of 10. The hole threw me off a bit :l 

I'll be posting tomorrow about my homecoming dress maybe or just some playlist on 8tracks that i've been loving... If you want to see me talk about something just tell me somewhere and i'll make a bloggy post. Okay thanks you cutie pies, see you in my next post! <3 
- Sam 

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