♡ Makeup/Random Haul ♡

I went to target to get a bunch of stuff for homecoming so I can do my makeup and hair and I bought too much stuff my dad was pissed but I got everything done for homecoming haha ^^ 

                                                         No need to state the obvious here.

I got these to help me mow my eyebrow hair, aka my furballs. 

Oh yeah little bottles of nail polish for only 28 cents :' joy to the world! ~ 

Mini baby bottle of cetaphil. I always buy travel size stuff, I'm just weird like that ;  ~ ; 
                                          You can never have too many bobby pins if you're a girl 

                                            I'm such a sucker for cute packaging! 

                                                            Swatchy swachty ^ o ^ 

                                    I'm so in love with this concealer so far!!!! And I barely got it today.

                                                         stocked up on my favorite eyeliner

                I'm going to see if this one is as good as the benefit one, so I might review it soon! :3 

                                                 Earrings that i'm going to wear with my dress

                                                    Stocked up on another concealer 

                                              I love the color! I totally forgot to do a swatch, sorry! :c 

My collection of e.l.f products are growing, I heard this one is good so I decided to pick it up! My camera washed the colors off though, they're most bam in real life. 

                            I needed another powder brush so I thought to get this one for now ^^

I need some blog post ideas so if you want to see anything on here, just tell me somewhere and i'll get around to making a post about it! I'm trying to do a makeup video just for this blog and not youtube haha, but it's sorta hard when my camera is a pooper. If I can't fix that problem, i'll do a photo tutorial about how I do my makeup so don't worry I got a backup :3 
Byeeeeeeeeeee everybunny!

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