♡ My Last homecoming ♡

My hair, I watched this tutorial if you wanted to know how to do your hair like it ^^ Obviously I put my own twist on it, and it came out so nice and pretty. 

Selca after I did my makeup and everything. My phone camera isn't the best as you can tell...

Me, my boyfriend, and my friend redet went to dinner, we went to a korean bbq place ^ u ^ sorry about the blurry pictures.

It was so much food!!

Redet ordered fried rice and she shared cause she was being nice, usually she never shares her food...

Aaron was getting some of the rice... bahah

Aaron looked 2 seci ~ 

I can't with this picture, its such an ugly picture. I swear aaron's phone takes ugly pictures ; ~ ; my smile is eww and redet looks omg. But I wanted to share it for the people. Hahah

My favorite picture of the night. Aaron doesn't like it though cause his hair is messed up but nobunny can notice it. It literally looks fine, I don't see anything bad.

I'm sorry the pictures weren't the best..... I am very very aware about it. Nonetheless I had loads of fun with Redet and Aaron, I'm so glad I went to my first homecoming and my last. I can't believe this year is my last time I can do all this high school stuff so I am living it up well with school events that it is... I think that's about it. I wish I took better pictures but its fine at least I took some! 
Byeeeee everyone. I love ya! 

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