NDK 2013: Photo diary ♡

 i'm finally back w/ another bloggy post. I'm so sorry that I haven't been blogging all that great lately but school has started and I have homework every night, sadly. On the brightside I went to an anime con this weekend and took pictures so I could post them on here ^ w^ most of them are random pictures and I didn't do a good job at taking them cause I was enjoying being there so sorry, but at least I took some! My boyfriend's cosplay is mugen btw. I didn't cosplay or anything if you were wondering, but on sunday I did wear my japanese school girl coustume with my pink wig, hahah I literally took my pink wig off within 10 mins of arriving at the con though because my boyfriend kept saying it was messing up and it gave me a headache. I'm done talking. I hope you enjoy the pictures!! ♡

Aaron, mine, and my brother's shadows ~ 

                                                               Aaron in his cosplay ~ 

Damn furries u__u

People that were staying in the hotel, decorated the balcony so I thought that was really cool!!!! 

Okay so there was a fire alarm and yeah everybunny was out ~ (obvi) 

Then the sky turned all dark and cloudy ^ n ^ it started pouring.. Weh 

Me and Aaron were sitting so I took this picture :B haha 

What Aaron is sometimes :3

I am dying 


                Aaron asked if we could take a picture of them aka I would take a picture ^^ *sobs* 

I know I didn't talk pictures for sunday because I was being a little shit taco since  didn't have money ; ~ ; I gotta admit and then I got my boyfriend mad at me, plus it was his birthday :c So pretty much I was feeling wehs that day but by the time I left it was pretty good. I had loads of fun for my boyfriend's birthday weekend :3 I hope I can go next year again and take better pictures ! 

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