NDK Haul/gifts from my bf ~

 I only bought two things in here... All the rest are things my boyfriend has bought me recently/let me have from grab bags that he didn't want ^^ 

     The English tho "Why is the water fall from the sky?" One of the things my boyfriend let me have :3 

They were selling it for 10 dollars which is kinda silly because its so tiny ; ~ ; 

Rice bowl my boyfriend bought me ^ u ^ 

My boyfriend bought me this a while ago but I just decided to add it on here because its something he bought me recently :3 its literally so perfect.... *tearsssss* 

I bought this at ndk cause I love k-on! It's my favorite anime and awh my favorite is yui she's just the cutest and I might cosplay her soon :3 heheh I like that she's in a chicken costume. There was also mio but I didn't get here cause i'm broke :c 

                 My perfect boyfriend bought me this :' I got a mini suzy now eeeps !!! If you don't know who suzy is, thats the name of my bigo alpacasso 

These earrings are my favorite right now. My boyfriend's mum gave them to me but they were suppose to be one of my Christmas gift from my sweetie bear, but oh well I love them! ^^ 

Not sure what this anime is about/i've never heard of it, but its from one of my bf's grab bags so he gave it to me :B 

My lunchbox that I got when me and my boyfriend were on our two year anni date. I also decided to add this on here since its recent 

Second thing I bought for myself :3 It's just bag and I thought it was cute for me so I bought it 

That's pretty much all the stuff I got :3 ~ Do you see how much stuff my boyfriend buys for me?????????Lordy. It's cute though :' I don't like when he buys me stuff, I literally only bought him one thing at ndk. Sighs I'm so poor omg. If you're wondering how much I spend the answer is 60 dollar. I bought a dragon ball z shirt for my brother that was like 24 dollars then I spend like 25 dollars on myself then I spend 10 dollars on my bf. All in all it was expensive and I didn't even get money the second day I went, plus I didn't buy my bf a birthday gift aka this makes me the worst girlfriend ever. Anywho yeah I wanted to buy everything and there were so many cute things, I could just die. There was also a booth that had kpop stuff and that when my money was gone sighs :c UGH FML....... I do like the stuff I got from ndk/the things my boyfriend buys for me. I am lucky that he even buys me stuff :3 
 I'm posting my birchbox tomorrow so byeeeeeee till tomorrow ^ 3 ^ 

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