Makeup Products I Use ♡

I get a lot of questions of what makeup products I use and how I do my makeup, so I decided to make this blog post with the basic makeup I use, I'm not including eye shadows or lipsticks because they change on my mood but if you guys are curious about them I can do another post about them! :3 For this blog post I am only taking about the things I use every single day and are my favorites. I forgot to add some but i'll list them at the end of this post. I'm also planning to do a video on how I do my makeup/how I do my eyeliner because everyone is so amazed but it haha, so hopefully sooner or later they are coming out. My camera just sucks so sorry!! On to the makeup~ 

I love this eyeliner, its so nice to make a wing with it since its like a marker. I'm not sure how it is on other people's eyeballs but on mine it stays on all day unless I look a nap or obviously am in water. So this liquid eyeliner is not waterproof at all. Over all I love it though, its my favorite eyeliner and its quiet cheap. At target and wal-mart its about 5 dollars but if you go to over places its 8-9 dollars! u___u I suggest you try and pick it up but at target or wal-mart because its cheaper :3 

I bearly started using this eye primer on my lids and its great! I use to just use some of my foundation as a "primer" but it doesn't work tbh and this is great! It keeps my eyeshadow on all day, before I used this my eyeshadow at school was uneven was it would fade but not it stays put! :3 Although sometimes my eyeshadow mixs together if its a hot sunny day but thats my nasty eye lids, so it just depends on the person. The price on this is about 7-8 dollars I believe, don't quote me on that! I haven't ran into any problems with this primer as of yet so if you think it sounds neat, try it! 

This mscara is amazing! I love the packaging and everyone that looks into my makeup bag loves it too! Its from physicians formula and its the fake-out one. I heard about this mascara from bunny. I really really like it! Its not heavy at all and it doesn't clump as easily as other mascaras do. The price range for it is uhmm about 7-10 depends where you get it. It's all organic so that a plus! 

Well first of all this concealer is amazing! It's so smooth and it hide my restless uneye circle perfectly~  I bought it for when I did my homecoming makeup and I really really like it. Its only available at target and it's like 9-10 dollars which is pricy for me but I like it :3 

One of my favorite foundations everrrrrrr! It's so light, it has great coverage and it makes my skin look smooth. You only need a tat bit if you want and it'll still make you look great. I heard about it from all the youtube makeup gurus and they all loved it so I picked it up and I think everyone should use it. Not sure how it does on dry skin though, since my skin is oily/combo :l but I think it works on all skin types to be quiet honest. 

This is the highlighter i've been using on me lately. I like how its all glittery but I sorta want to try some high-end highligters for a more "pop" effect. I use it everyday though and the packaging is adorable ^^ 

This stuff is so good, I use it as my foundation primer. it's just like benefit's porefessional tbh. The only thing I don't like about this product is the smell, it smells like plastic :l but I still like it and it will make your skin smooth even before foundation. 

I've been using this since I started wearing makeup. Its great for me but sometimes i'm just like eh. I should look into some other powders. :3 

i'm so sorry I haven't posted in like forever! I've been doing nothing but dealing with crap all this month and its been tough on me. I hope you all understand. I've been so sad lately and it sucks. I'm a weak sad bear this month :c A lot of things have changed in my life this month, I lost someone that I still want and love, not sure if I fully lost them but it feel like that from time to time. But i'm not going to talk about it, maybe in my next post i'll vent again. I'm sure he's going to see this and be like eh. Jokes on me. Anyways i'm going to stop now! I love you all and thanks for everyone that being here and talking to me! You're all so cute and lovely and I hope you guys are having an AWESOME PAWSOME day! 
- Sam 

I need ideas ~

                     Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in like a week but my ideas for blog post are on a hold because I can't think of nothing!! This is the hard part of running a blog is that you want to post things that people will want to read and actually come on here for :l I'm thinking of doing some DIYs and maybe doing some makeup tutorials since i've been asked to show how I do my makeup :3 so thats just some ideas that will coming soon! Don't worry, I'll still be posting things it just takes time for me sometimes because i'm in high school and I'm a boring person that never does anything and has no life ;; hahah. This was just a update basically, but as I always say if you have some ideas please tell me  ♡
bye bye ^^ 

♥ relationships: part 2 ♥

DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying that I know everything about relationships but I have watched some relationship advice videos lately since I needed it myself and it has helped me so far in my own relationship so I though sharing it on my blog would be nice and helpful to some of you. I've been with my boyfriend for two years and we do have some problems here and there but just keep in mind that that just part of being in a relationship. I think that this is going to be my last blog post about relationships unless people ask more :3 

One of the most important things in a relationship next to having trust is having communication between the two of you. If you don't tell your boyfriend or girlfriend what makes you mad or you don't like when they do ______, then how the hell are they going to know? I'm pretty sure that no one can read minds, well from the people I know. It's better to tell them all these things before they mess up and you get so angry and they didn't know that it made you mad, it'll be a bigo mess of chaos. Just talk to them, tell them how you feel/how things make you feel, i'm sure they'll understand if they care about you and if they truly do love you they'll do something about it. Just get things out in the open, this will help you maintain a healthy relationship. 

I think that having respect for your special somebunny is really important to me. Just for an example about this issue is; I know I try not to say mean names or swear at my boyfriend when i'm angry at him because it just makes everything worst. I know for a fact that I hate HATE when he swears at me when he's mad at  and ugh it makes me even more mad to be quiet honest. It makes me wanna punch him in the face when he does that. Just keep your cool and respect what you say to your boyfriend or girlfriend  and how you treat them. Personally I sort of suck when it comes to how I treat my boyfriend, sorry honey haha. But i'm working on it ^ u ^ 

This can connect to the communication part from the beginning but another thing to keep in mind is giving each other the time to understand what's going on. Giving time to your partner on what they need to change before you start a big issue on what they weren't aware of. By doing this it'll give them time and they'll get a chance to do something about it.  I mess up a lot on this in my own relationship but it's getting better, i'm aware of most things that make my boyfriend mad but sometimes I fail and then he get really really mad at me but I know that this is something that I need to work on as being a good girlfriend. 

I got this from weylie's video on relationships but she bring up the point of treating everyday as the first day with your partner/the last day you might see them. I know that I can totally agree when she says that sometimes 
people take this for granted, like by saying they're not gonna leave me, we'll get over this, blah blah blah. But that's not the point of a relationship, you want to cherish every moment you are with your lover. You want to be that special person in their life. Just think about how blessed you are to have them. 

I think that treating your partner as your best friend is such a great thing, because if you're spending so much time with this person you need to obviously be happy with this person. Just imagine how you would treat your actual best friend and treat them like that. You got to be there for them when they need you, just supporting them and hearing them out.

You know you can't be so sensitive about things sometimes because maybe sometimes you're just taking things complelely wrong and they weren't trying to be serious,but you get upset because its something you don't want to hear. Then your partner is going to be censoring what they are saying around you and you don't want that. I understand that some things you might not take lightly but just don't take things so serious, unless obviously they're not joking haha ^^ ((*coughs* aaron this one is for you))

That's all I got for now ^^ I hope some of you find this helpful. I know I do, cause i'm working on most of these things everyday to be honest. It's all these effects that make a difference in a relationship ^^ And well if you're single and reading this, then you're just preparing yourself for you will need to do/will be aware of these things and that is very,v ery good! I wish I knew all this stuff before going into a relationship but yano, you know little by little.
You're all so lovely and don't you forget it! ^^ byeeeee to the nice people that actaully read this! 

Venting ♥

I know this might a bit personal and all that jazz but this is my blog and I can do whatever I feel like doing on it.I just needed to vent somewhere about this whole week.... Ugh let me tell, it's been one of the worst weeks of my life. Well let's start off with Monday, I wake up and start getting all this poop from my dad while i'm on my way to school and i'm just getting yelled and getting called names. It's the worst feeling ever. I'm sobbing my eyes out and then I get out of the car, I enter fricking school with puffy eyes. I'm just trying to hide my face, I arrived around 10 mins early. I have photo journalism for my first period and i'm just there sitting in front of my computer area trying not to cry but ugh its so hard when you believe all these horrible about yourself. I cry a lot if you didn't know. Anyways that whole day I was just like blahhh and I kept having little tears coming out. Then Tuesday comes and oh man I wake up again to my dad's bullcrap all the way to school :l its hard enough that I had to hear it yesterday but now I have to hear it again all over. That whole day was the same thing all over again and to make everything worst, Aaron's phone was off so like who did I have?? I literally was so sad and ugh. Then Thursday comes and me and Aaron have this bigo fight. Usually our fights aren't that huge but this one was huge, well to me. I'm not going to go in great detail because my relationship is more of a private thing and no one needs to know. Basically I thought we were going to break up but this time I though it was actually going to happen so I spend about two days straight listening to all the poopy songs.We didn't really talk all that much cause he was told that he'll give me time to think about things, so yeah :l. I'm pretty much the worst girlfriend ever and I know I shouldn't say that about myself but sighs I just feel like most of the problems are caused because of me.I'm learning little by little about myself and about what relationship should be/work. It just takes me so long to finally understand where Aaron is coming from, cause I put myself in his shoes and half of the things I do is pretty shitty. Uhmmm I'm pretty sure if me and Aaron broke up, I wouldn't get over that easily because i've been through so much with him and he knows so much about my life and me so.... It would be very hard but luckily he's still with me and I'm so thankful. I'm just slowing turning into a better person and girlfriend for him and for myself obviously. I actually have learn a lot about myself that I use to deny but now i'm just like wowers that's really me??? ;; 
I know nobunny is going to read this but it was more for myself :3 I basically had a shitty week and I will have a shitty weekend but there's things to look forward in the future so I gotta keep my head up ♥ 
I'm really lucky to have such kind people care about me and that we're trying to cheer me up or could relate to me, everyone has problems and we'll all get through them.
I love you all and I hope you had a good day and a lovely upcoming week!