♡ Favorite 8tracks playlists: Nov. 2013 ♡

     This is such a nice playlist, It's chill and the songs blend in with each other very nicely :3 If you like nice ballad k-indie music this one is a good one! 

This playlist is on of my favorites! It's a mix of electro indie-ish songs and then with some rap/hip-hop songs, there is some "dubstep-y" songs at times but I think they're pretty alright.  I recommend it tho. This playlist introduced me to vibes for the very first time and they're so good! ^^ hehe 

There's a lot of cute covers on this playlist and such sweet mellow songs :3

I made this playlist and it's one of my favorite ones I have made. Its all k-indie, some of its really slow and relaxing then there's some upbeat ones :3 There's glen check, the koxx, neon bunny, and more!! 

This playlist is so cute! It's like all the songs that were in flower boy next door and other cute k-indie song :3 
Kinda makes me sad listening to it but that's for personal issues, I still think its so cute though! 

I hope you guys check out these playlist! They're all very good! I know most of them have korean songs but its nice to listen to different kinds of music! Trust me! 
I'm hoping I get some DIYs gifts on here soon for christmas, since I am on break starting today! 
Hope all of you guys had a good day/morning/night! 
- Sam 

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