Movie date with Destiny ~

uhmm well my cousin drew me into her family picture and awh my heart :' she says i'm like her sister *sobs* so cute. (( this was in the morning))

so this is a random picture of a random section in michaels since me and destiny had like 2 hours to kill..... so there is so many random pictures I took omg 

another blurry random picture

I thought these looked like black m&m's 

5.99 for fake diamonds I guess.

I just had to scribble over my face because I just looked so bad and derpy.... but me and destiny thought it was funny cause why are they in a group like flowers? Lemon flowers?? 

it lighted up and I thought it was cute cause it had a note that said you could light it up :B 

There's cute garters at michaels.... bahah

Cute christmas displays :' I took all the pictures 

I'm going to get this for my brother hahah

da D for destiny~ da D 

pastel christmas ornaments 

more christmas displays :3 

the cute/derpy snowman 

destiny feeling a bit goosey ~ 

Oh yeah then we walked to target and yeah mirror pictures~ oh man my pocket is all out and ugly ;; then destiny is creeping omg ((sorry destiny if you hate it but yolo))

part 2 :B destiny omg. 

Oh yeah I awkwardly only bought one pair of cute undies when we were at target ;  ~ ; 

cute coca-cola polar bear tho

I thought the birdy was so cuteeeeeeeeeee... is it even a bird? I'm not sure what it was.

those were the random adventures of me and destiny ^^ hahah 

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