Thrifting Haul: Nov. 2013.

Well I went thrifting cause I needed to go... ;; Some people from yearbook want me to do a whole "thrifted" look for the yearbook and I got voted to do it~ ((I don't have yearbook and I don't even know the person that voted for me to do this...))  To be quiet honest I always find good things when I go thrifting and I get super duper happy :3 I never find "cheap" pieces of clothing when I go thrifting though :c thats the only part that sucks but if you think about it, if I went to the mall and paid what they charge over there, its pretty "cheap"... I'm not sure what my look is going to be for the yearbook so I might go thrifting again tomorrow haha ;; I failed today but I love the stuff I found!! 

The first thing I found was this slouchy cardi and its really baggy and long, which I love! ^^ I got an idea of how I want to wear it already! 

It was originally from h&m so thats a plus~ 

I  love the color of it and spickles of pastel pink :' loves it 

This sweater was just screaming my name and its all my favorite pastel colors so I just needed to get it! :3 I love everything about it *throws hearts*

close ups 

Best find I found today which is this jacket! Its actaully a grey but the camera didn't pick up the color very well... sorry :c I swear this jacket looks brand spanking new! Its so nice and great condition. I am so lucky ((am aware)) It was the most "pricey" item I got. It was 12.99 but still thats a deal to me! I'll do OOTD's so you guys can see these items on me :3

The inside is all fury and cozy :B 

                           All the earrings I got. I lost 70% of my big earrings so I got some more ;;

                                            Polka dot freak has polka dot earrings now


These are so cute! ~ ^^ 

That was pretty much everything I got today... I didn't get a lot because everything I bought wasn't 50% off cause they were all blue tags!! Which made me mad but I am happy with my new items. :3 I'm planning to do OOTD's soon so you can see the clothes on me and you can see how I dress... I dress pretty simple to be honest. I think that's about it! Thanks everyone for taking your time to come here and check out my blog! I love you all so much! Go tell somebunny you love them and bear hug them ^^
 - Sammie ♡

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