Stila masterpiece series eye & cheek palettes review

I literally love all these colors, it's my type of everyday palette :3

Number 4 is my favorite in this palette! It's so sparkely!! ** 
I use number 3 when I want a pop of color then use colors from vol.1 ^^

Inside this is like some "looks" you can try with each palettes and I think it's helpful :> but I don't wanna show it cause thats kinda giving away goodies haha ((also I forgot to take pictures))

So what i'm first going to talk about is the colors and the payoff of these colors. So as you can tell all these colors are very wearable for everyday and that's what I love about them! They are truly all great colors that I think everyone can pull off :3 i've been wearing vol.1 &2 a lot lately with a mix of vol.3 on days when I want a pop of color!! There's two shimmery shadows I just love cause ahhhh they're so cute and pretty! * w * Oh, and the blushes are just so nice as well! I don't use them as much though because i'm so use to using my other blushes, but I can get back to you guys about them later! Switching to talking about the color payoff; as you can tell from the swatches the color payoff is super duper nice! The only thing that made me not so happy is that when I first tried one of the palettes out, I didn't use a eyeshadow primer because I wanted to see how they would do on their own.... And the result was not so great to be quiet honest, when I checked my eyeshadow during school that day it was sorta gone! :< BUT..... the next day I used vol.1 with a eyeshadow primer ((the one I said I use everyday on a blog post)) and it stayed on great! 
Moving on to the palettes (the packaging) and the price.
I think that the packaging of the palettes is so cute! I've never really seen anything like it and I love the quotes in each of the palettes :> they all go perfectly with the whole concept of them. 
Last thing I want to talk about in this review is the price. I bought them at for only 30 dollars!! It was just a steal tbh! they were on sale but I can't remember the original price so I can't comment on that haha...  All in all i'm glad I bought this "series" ^^

I'm hoping to do a tutorial soon with these shadows so you guys can get a feel on them and how they look on an actual eyeball then just seeing swatches! ^^ Sadly I probably won't be able to post anything for a while because i'm going to visit my mom and she has no internet at all! :c weh!!! So be prepared for have this blog to be M.I.A

♡ 2 easy and cute DIYs gift ideas for your bf or gf ♡

Hai!! I'm back with a blog post and this one is 2 cute DIY gift ideas I got from ilikeweylie's boyfriend DIY gift video and I really liked both so I thought I should do them for myself! ^^
I think that this gift is such a cute idea! The "message" is a bucket list that you want to do with your special somebunny. ^^ hehehe
Cute paper
Fake sand
Glass bottle (I used a jarritos one haha)
Paper bag to put the bottle in (optional)
You don't need glitter so not sure why I added it... Whoops

I over filled the bottle with a bit too much sand... Whoops ;;

OooooOoo let's all take the time to see how cute I am to my boyfriend haha... let's be nosey together~

This is my favorite one! ^^ I'm sorry I didn't really go in depth with picture with this one, but go watch weylie's video to get the idea better. I made them a bit different then hers ((also it took me forever since I wanted them to be perfect)) ^^ I made six "tickets" but I don't want to post all of them on here cause I know my boyfriend goes on my blog and I don't want him to see them, since obviously i've made them for him. You can write anything that you know your special somebunny likes you to do for them! I think that's just the cutest! :' 

 Cute stickers (like scrapbook ones)
 Card stock paper (you can pick any kind you want^^)
 Glitter (optional)

((Sorry about my nasty nails, I need to paint them and yeah, sorry world))

If any of you guys try to re-create them, like me please show me!! I would love to see them! ^^
I love you all!! 
 ♡ Hope you all are having a lovely day/night/morning/afternoon!!!♡

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