♡ 2 easy and cute DIYs gift ideas for your bf or gf ♡

Hai!! I'm back with a blog post and this one is 2 cute DIY gift ideas I got from ilikeweylie's boyfriend DIY gift video and I really liked both so I thought I should do them for myself! ^^
I think that this gift is such a cute idea! The "message" is a bucket list that you want to do with your special somebunny. ^^ hehehe
Cute paper
Fake sand
Glass bottle (I used a jarritos one haha)
Paper bag to put the bottle in (optional)
You don't need glitter so not sure why I added it... Whoops

I over filled the bottle with a bit too much sand... Whoops ;;

OooooOoo let's all take the time to see how cute I am to my boyfriend haha... let's be nosey together~

This is my favorite one! ^^ I'm sorry I didn't really go in depth with picture with this one, but go watch weylie's video to get the idea better. I made them a bit different then hers ((also it took me forever since I wanted them to be perfect)) ^^ I made six "tickets" but I don't want to post all of them on here cause I know my boyfriend goes on my blog and I don't want him to see them, since obviously i've made them for him. You can write anything that you know your special somebunny likes you to do for them! I think that's just the cutest! :' 

 Cute stickers (like scrapbook ones)
 Card stock paper (you can pick any kind you want^^)
 Glitter (optional)

((Sorry about my nasty nails, I need to paint them and yeah, sorry world))

If any of you guys try to re-create them, like me please show me!! I would love to see them! ^^
I love you all!! 
 ♡ Hope you all are having a lovely day/night/morning/afternoon!!!♡

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