Bonne Chance Collection Review/Discount!

so cute omgggg ♡

Sorry it's wrinkly but I barely unfolded it :> hehehe 

REVIEW: I love, love, LOVE this dress its so nice and can't forget cute!!! It's very comfortable  and the print/color is just like on the website!  
The shipping was so fast. I ordered it on "black Friday" and it came on Monday so basically it took like two days to get here. That's the fastest i've ever got something :3
I didn't have no problems with my order at all, i'm sure if I did they would be very very helpful. 
I just barely ordered another dress yesterday so I totally love this store! 
Check them out here 
You can get a 10% off/free shipping if you enter the code bcc10 ^^ 

Hope you guys enjoyed this! 
I love you all and I hope you're having a good night/day/morning/evening! 
- sam 


  1. which size did you purchase? i ordered myself a medium of a similar style dress and i couldn't fit my bust! :(

    1. Was it not fitting your bust area or was it too loose? I got mine in a size small and at first it was a bit baggy on me but after I washed it a couple of time it shrunk.