♡ November 2013 Faves ♡

 It's my first favorites post!! (( it's really lame so sorry))

My favorite lipstick of November and probably also December to be quiet honest! It's really really dark wine red and its so nice! 

This is a contact case I barely got but I know that it's perfect! I mean it was my last favorite of the month haha.

I've been wearing these two earrings a lot in November ^^ I'm sure you've seen them if you visit my blog a lot since they were in a haul ~

I stopped using it this blush but started using it again so days in November and I forgot how nice it looks on me! The only thing that sucks is that it can get dirty fast :c

See how messy it can it.... bleh downside of it 

swatchy swatch ^^

This lip butter is just amazing! It literally makes your lips so smooth and kissable ^ 3 ~ 

Of course I have to add circle scarfs! I'm obsessed with them

I love anything that smells sweet and this air fresher is awhhh heavenly to me!! 

♡Favorite tv show that month ♡
This show is just so witty and so fun to watch! I recommend it if you have netflix! It's more of a show for women so yeahhh... Not sure how I can explain this show so just google it :3 

♡ Favorite movie of the month 
I love love LOVE this movie! I never watched it till I believe the end of October/start of November. I fell in love with the plot and how the movie is made. It made me rethink a lot about my past relationship and how I look at things. Like I would never want to ease those memories even if I could...

I think that pretty much it.... Thanks everyone! 
Hopefully i'll have a december faves too!
Bye. You're all amazing and I love you *hugs* 
^ 3 ^ 

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