December Boxycharm Unboxing 2014

Hello all my fellow readers :3 I am back here to share my boxycharm unboxing as I do so every month. I'm sorry that my blog has only consist of these unboxing sometimes but I enjoy getting this box every month and sharing it to people that might be interested into jumping into the subscription box world~

December 3, 2014: life updates/diary ~

Hello everyone or shall I say herrrro because that's how I say it irl ~ Well, well, well some things have changed in my life and by some things, I mean one thing haha. I finally; after a million years got my first job. I know it's not very exciting but for me it's a big step since I hate being home all the time and wanted to start making my own money. This has been a very good thing for me because I've noticed that I'm trying to be more social and get out of my bubble when i'm at work. I'm really shy and don't really like being social so going into work and having to be social is something that i'm starting to enjoy a bit now. It's all about baby steps. I'm an introvert and there's still plenty that i'm not comfortable doing.. Like for example calling my boyfriend on my own (I sound horrible but it's true) I AM SO FRIGHTEN!!! It probably sounds silly to some of you but I am just not comfortable with that whole idea of me doing it by myself. Don't get me wrong I love talking to my boyfriend on the phone but I just feel weird. It's like the whole texting first thing haha.. I'm just using that as an example right now because I can't really think of anything else at the moment. Obviously it isn't the best example but bear with me and try to understand what i'm trying to get across. 
Some other news that is pretty neat is I finish my first semester tomorrow... Ahhhh finally the day i've been waiting for since mid august!! I learned a bit more about how my learning style is which is great because that's something that will come useful to myself. Seeing what works for you and doesn't work when you're in college is something I think everyone should learn about themselves as a student. It's so weird that time flies by so quickly! It's already December you guys.. A new year is coming and all those "I haven't ate since last year" jokes will be popping up all over your timeline soon :-) and I will be one of them haha. 
I am excited for next year though because so much will be changing, oh hopefully I might go to disneyland! I've been wanting to go over to California again for a while, and it might happen next year with Aaron and my "family". Woot woot more updates on that later in the future or i'll sob to death.

Spooky Eyes contact lens review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing a product on here for you lovely folks ^ u ^ I received a package from the UK before I went to my job orientation... I had no idea what it was because I haven't order anything from the UK lately, although I did think it was my plastic chocker I ordered a couple days ago from ebay but it was some color contacts! 
꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱  I've never received any sort of package to review from anyone so this is a first for me. Everything is always from my own money and I do the reviews on my own will. Big thanks to Spooky Eyes and etailPR for this opportunity ~ 

♡ Photo Diary: The 1975 Concert ♡

I'm so sorry that all the photos are really blurry but my phone sucks at taking pictures and Aaron forgot his phone in the car lol... well we didn't want to go back to the car cause I was freezing cold plus we were already 30 mins later to the concert but we didn't miss anything.. Oh how I regret it now because these photos are horrible. Once again I apologize.

Photo diary: Sushi date with my boyfriend @ Sweet Ginger

It's been a while since i've done a photo diary because I been forgetting to take pictures when I do things and it's a horrible habit since photo diaries are my favorite things about my blog. It's easy to see them and be like "ahhhhh that was a good day!" Anywho moving along to the photo diary... Me and my boyfriend went on a date yesterday and it was very amazing because we went to eat sushi and i've been craving sushi lately so yeah it was perfect! ^ u ^ 
Enjoy these photos!


Sadly the month of october is coming to an end :( which makes me sad but then again thanksgiving is coming up and you know what that means.... Telling the people you're thankful for them (not that it should be the only day to do this) and getting to eat amazing yummy food while doing it (人●´ω`●)

What are you guys doing today and what's your costume??? I would love to see all the costumes!! ◠‿◠

I failed at planning for my costume because I was suppose to make a broom to along with it so I'm going to be a very basic kiki haha

me and my boyfriend are going to be kiki and tombo :3

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October Boxycharm Unboxing!

Hello everyone! I am finally back and with a boxycharm unboxing for this month :3 I have to admit that I wasn't excited about what was going to be in the box when I saw other charmers boxes... That being said I still love boxycharm but this month was like eh for me. On that note let's move on to the whole box.

♡✫ My favorite podcasts at the moment! ♡✫

hello everyone! I am back with a blog post about my favorite podcasts at the moment. I listen to a bunch of podcasts every single week because I'm the type of person that likes to listen to something other than music and browse the web so podcasts fit in perfectly for my needs! 
If you don't know what podcasts are, they are basically audio of people talking about anything! There so many podcasts to listen to that cover every topic you can think of haha, but if you never listened to any podcasts i'm going to give you some suggestions :>

September instagram 2014 recap

September was a strange month that thankfully went away quickly. This month felt like one of those months you just want to go away as soon as possible, I felt very out of place and lonely all this month. Most of the time this month I was laying down in bed dying and watching netflix. I was not at all social this month which probably explains somewhat of how I felt throughout the month. Basically this whole month i've been thinking about what's wrong with me, and it's a horrible thing to do but I made a decision that I might need to see someone for my anxiety, depression, and bipolar. Well shoot that was a bit depressing but making a decision like that is suppose to be a positive thing :> Moving along to another positive note; pictures!

♡ e.l.f. Studio Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow Review ♡

Today I am going to be reviewing e.l.f's long lasting lustrous eyeshadow. I decided to make a review for this product because I really like it and thought that making a review would appropriate. I'm sorry there isn't a lot of pictures for this product but it's a very straight forward review.


(image taken from here)

My favorite time of the year is coming up slowly but surely and I am beyond excited so i'm making a blog post about it! ^ u ^ Autumn or fall whatever you want to call it is one of my favorite seasons. I love fall because the leaves go through their transition of changing colors and falling. The weather is amazing as well since it's start getting chillier and becomes more acceptable to wear cardigans and tights. Want to know more reasons why I love Autumn? Keep on reading!

September Boxycharm Unboxing!

This month's theme was fashion week since it's fashion week in september so it fits perfect for september :> The next two photos are some coupon codes that you guys are welcomed to use to your advantage.

Netflix recommends! ♡

Here are just some recommends that I personally enjoyed watching on netflix. I like watching a variety of movies and shows. I mostly watch movies on netflix so that's why there's more recommends of movies than tv shows. I'll just give you guys a rundown of the movie/show and sort of a review of each :> 
I am aware this is a very random post but I just wanted to recommend things on netflix for you guys to watch because I like recommendations.

August Favorites 2014♡

This month I didn't buy any new products but I did re-discover some of my oldies! The only new product I do add in this favorites was the cream eyeliner.

♡ To my special someone.... ♡

Hello people other than my cutie bear reading this... hahah

Today marks three long years since you awkwardly asked me to be your girlfriend.  I was shocked and all giggly inside because I've always secretly had a crush on you since I first meet you in the 8th grade. Looking back at that day it makes me so happy I said yes because I would have never thought you would become such an important person in my life and that I would fall in love with you. I've gone through everything with you and I opened up to you more than I could ever have, although I can be distant sometimes it only because i'm still getting use to the idea of having someone actually care about me. Even though it's been three years that something I am really trying to overcome because I do want to tell you how sad and horrible I feel most of the time, but I don't want to get you worried and it makes me sadder because you can't be here to psychically comfort me. I'm a needy girl. 
I'll try to be positive now because I don't want this to be so depressing... I really do appreciate everything you do for me and all the times you have to put up with me and my horrible family. It shows me that you do want to be with me even if I can be a little shit and sometimes a bitch. I love you so much it's so hard to explain/how I want to show you my love sometimes because i've never loved anyone as much as you (wow how cheesyy) 

Little Update: August 22,2014

Helloooo! Okay the first exciting news I want to talk about is about that this blog is now (^ u ^) ~ oh yay so exciting!! I only changed it to a dot com because I saw some codes that GoDaddy was offering a .com domain for only $1.99! ^^ 

 CODER199, DOG199, or RAD199
Just wanted to share that with my fellow bloggers if there are any out there that would want to take advance of these codes like I did :>
Just a heads up though that changing the domain is confusing but there are plenty of tutorials out there! Google is your best friend!! 

Something else I wanted to update you guys with is I started school!~ Well not very exciting since it's only community college at the moment but I am on my way hahah... So far i've only been to one class but I start my other class tomorrow :s ugh. Something that sucks for me is that they're making me take remedial class u__u but at least it'll get me prepared for my real classes because i'm not the best writer or math mathematician (not even close to one) 
It's only been the first week so I can't really comment on anything just yet or judge my classes too soon..
Last little update that I want to put out there is, I finally have my laptop so that mean I can at least try to make webcam videos that don't look crappy and have the audio be out of sync!! u___u I think i'll try to have Aaron do the boyfriend tag but that will most likely be happening in the near future..... 

I think that's pretty much all that I wanted to update you guys on
Oh also I did the ice bucket challenge but I forgot to say "als ice bucket challenge" and some other things because I just wanted to get that thing over with. I will be donating as well when I have more money in my account because I actually want to contribute to the research and not just call it a day by dumping ice cold water on myself ^^

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Boxycharm August 2014/thoughts on first box

Hello everyone! ^ o ^ today I wanted to share with you guys my first boxycharm box! 
Boxycharm is a monthly beauty subscription box that is $21 dollars per month. This isn't like most monthly beauty subscription box where they give you mostly samples and once in a while here and there full size products, boxycharm is always provides you with full size products or luxury size beauty samples  ^ u ^ 
In this box everyone get the same products which is awesome because when I was subscribed to birchbox and I would get bad products and everyone else would get better products than me which was poopy. 
I'll talk more about my opinion on my first boxycharm at the end of the post! 

This month's theme was "beach babe" 

I love how everything was all perfectly placed (that was my first reaction haha)

The first item I decided to start with is this cheek + lip tint.
This is a full size product and it goes for $22.00 at

When I first put it on my hand it looked really dark and like blood ; ~ ; 

But once I started blending  it out and it wasn't as dark and started turning into a nice pink color ^^ I do have to say that a little does go a long way...

Next item would be this Tarina Tarantino conditioning lip sheen. 
It's a full size product and goes for $22.00 on

Best picture I could get of the packaging.. I am in love with how sleek it is but it's very heavy ; u ; 

The color I received is called "floriculture" and I love LOVEE this shade! I wore it the day I got the box and it looks beautiful on my lips. I love this color so I was so happy when I got it and couldn't wait to put it on my lips ^ o ^  

Best swatch picture I could get but it's not true to the color at all D: my camera is making it seem WAYYYYY lighter than it is, it's just a bit darker.

Next item is this Enter Pronoun "BLOWTORCH" bronzer.
Full size, goes for $35.00 on

The packaging isn't my favorite because your fingerprints get all over the place and it's bulky.. It wouldn't be travel friendly at all in my books. 

Product inside is lovely though and it's a matte bronzer ^^ I perfer matte bronzers over shimmery ones most of the time. 
I couldn't get a great swatch picture so I didn't add one plus my camera would wash it out and it wouldn't help anyone. I'm sorry D:

Second to last item is this lip linear from Ofra.
Full size, goes for $13.00 on

The color that I got in my box is called " glacier pink" 
I would describe this color as a nudey pink but with some a bit of shimmery sheen and sometimes to me it looks kinda metallic-ish ; ~ ; 
I can't really explain it to be honest haha but it's color i've never really seen before so I like it because it's different to me. 

Here's the best swatch photo I could take 

Last item that I recived in my box is this wonderful brush from Morphe.
Full size, goes for $19.99 on

This brush is so fricking soft!! I have heart eyes for this brush <3 __ <3 haha 
So far i've only used it to put on bronzer and it picks it up like a dream.. When I go overboard with my bronzer this brush also blends it out great too! This is an amazing brush and it's making me want to check out the other morphe brushes they have to offer ^^

My over-all thoughts
I heard about this box from a wonderful beauty guru and decided that I would love to give a subscription box a try again so I signed up :> I started getting very excited once boxycharm started doing sneak peeks at what was going to be in the box. Overall I am very impressed with everything I got this month and am already excited for the next box :3 

I definitely recommend you guys sign up for boxycharm because for only $21 I got $112 worth of stuff! It's money well spend for how much stuff I got and way better than my last subscription box.

Thank you boxycharm! You can subscribe here~

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Back to school outfits! 2014

Casual Lazy Outfit

Basic white cotton tee

I could see anyone wearing this when they want to be really conformable but look presentable still. I really want to get some lounging pants because they look like pajama pants but obviously more fashionable and acceptable to be worn outside :B
You could totally dress this outfit up with pairing it a nice lace-y crop top like how they styled the pants on the website. I went with a plain white tee because it's a lazy outfit but added some different length dainty necklaces (my current obsession) to pull it all together. 
Oh and those loafers are fricking adorable! ^ o ^ who doesn't love pugs???
When you're going to school you don't want to be overy dressed up so wearing flats is always the best option for me

When I'm Trying To Look Okay Outfit

Mint/teal-ish crop top

Dark denim skater skirt

Nude mary jane wedges

Black tote

This outfit is when I want to try but not overy try so much if that makes any sense hahah... Personally I love this outfit and I would probably add a cardigan or kimono since I always get cold easily ;; Also you could could totally wear flats with this outfit instead since you have to walk around school, but I would wear the wedges because beauty is pain ~ 
I know you won't use a purse to school (although a shit load of silly gals do in school) but it was just to complete the outfit for this collage propose.

When I Want To Feel Cute Outfit

The bird & the bee dress

Black flats

Tan purse

This would be an outfit I would wear when I decide to look cute and want to feel great about myself. It's one of those outfits that would boost up my confidence and make me happy :> I'm sure everyone has those outfits that make them feel great about themselves and very happy, this would be my ideal outfit like that. 
When you go to school there's a lot of people that are noticing what you're wearing and there's no shame to once in a while try to look cute and get compliments from them ^^ 
Do you guys understand what i'm saying?                                    

If you guys liked these outfits thangs, i'll try to do more :> As you guys can see I don't really have a "style" I like to wear whatever seem appealing to me and I guess I can say that I have plenty of "styles" but lately i've been going toward more formal wear haha :B

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