About me and some random facts about me

 So I figured I should do one of these so you lovely cuties can know more about me :> 
I got the "statements" from here some I cut off or made them my own because some are really random. Hahah I hope you enjoy learning more about me! 

My full name is Samantha Marianne Campos 

I was born on Feb. 15, 1996 

I'm 18 years old (basically, just 15 days till my birthday) 

Born in Chicago,Illinois. Raised and Living in Denver, Colorado 

My star sign is Aquarius

My parents are well uhmm no comment... 

 I am Mexican, just full on Mexican. Both of my parents are from Acapulco. Go google it, it looks so pretty from the pictures! I've was there a couple times but when I was a baby so I literally don't know remember anything ^ n ^ ugh!!!! 

I have 4 siblings... I am the oldest, there's 2 girls and 2 boys then there's me.

I am currently in high school... I'm a senior ^ o ^ woooooooooo class of 2014!!!!

What I want to study soon is either fashion or go into the law field

 I love: bunnies, corgis,zebras, Aaron, pasta, salad, rice, makeup, star wars, Destiny, my cute siblings, dresses, thigh/knee high socks,cute lingerie, korean music, Ebay, Suzy, my stuffed animals, good hair days, good makeup days, cute babies,  my boyfriend's butt, good vibes, & kisses!

I am saving up for nothing... i'm am not the best saver ; ~ ; whoops 

My best friend is Destiny. She's this amazing gal I met in 6th grade. I've been through everything with her. Our friendship was the first best thing that has happened in my life. She puts up with me no matter what, she makes me laugh and she's so so nice and the greatest best friend I could ask for! Basically we're two peas in a pod!!

I love people who are outgoing and nice/friendly! I really dislike people who are backstabbers and liars!!! 

My favorite activity is doing my makeup and watching tv, also I love to cuddle... I love to do these because; Well I love to do my makeup because I like to just have fun with it, I like seeing how makeup can make you, a better you! ^^ I love watching tv because I mean who doesn't? I get so into a current show and just dedicate my life to it... I might sound like a weirdo but I don't care!!! Cuddling is just amazing since I get cold always and my special somebunny is so warm and awh (sorry so lovey dovey) 

My favorite color is lilac but some other favorites are light pink and black :3

I over-used... the words: "omg" "wow" "cute" "sad" and "ugh", Stuff: water bottles and the computer!!

My favorite meal involves pasta and seafood or chicken and my favorite snack food is probably fruit and greek yogurt 

I consider myself to be in the middle of being healthy and unhealthy. I tend to eat bad most of the time so... Fitness is important to me. I like being fit and feeling good about myself and when I don't, I feel bad but I do love my body no matter what, there's just those days when you feel bad about your body.

Changes to my lifestyle I would like to make include: eating healthy, running more, & be more of a saver!!

I am inbetween of being organized,clean, and messy. Messy on my bad days...

I lose things very often! 

 Favorite tv shows: Two broke girls, bobs bugers, friends (favorite favorite!), pretty much all the horrible shows on disney channel (yeah my little cousins got me into it), gossip girl, portlandia, 30 rock, Sherlock, modern family, robot chicken, american dad.... just so many more!! It's a long list.

The person who supports me the most is my boyfriend and in my life he have helped me to feel like i'm important, and he makes me feel loved all the time

The best time of the day to me is in the evenings because I can nap when I come home from school. I love napping because when I nap, I always remember my dreams! ^^

I like sunset the most because I love how sometimes where I live the sunset is so pretty and orange or some really weird colors!! I love it though :>

I need to have watch youtube videos every day!!! I only watch makeup and fashion gurus, Oh and vlogs!!! <3 

I hope to hear all my favorite bands/artist live!! I also hope to hear cute cute wedding vows one day from a special person that will have my heart forever hehehhe

I want to see Aaron right now :c That's my boyfriend for all you people that don't know.

I am frightened by phobia and this makes me want to scream, cry in pain and scratch myself a lot ;; 

My favorite movie of all time is tangled, but at the moment i've been loving despicable me 1& 2. <3

I respect my mom because I know that being away from me and my brother is hard on here and she's just trying her best to come back to the city but they need to do things where she is at the moment sadly :/ 

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10 Quick Beauty Tips

  1. Use an oil-based makeup remover to really get stubborn eye makeup off! You can also use olive oil to remove makeup, but i'm sure you all know that!  
  2. DIY face mask for your skin: One teaspoon of raw oatmeal and one of teaspoon of honey! ^^ The oatmeal is smoothing for your skin and the honey helps to hydrate and kill bacteria. 
  3. If your face tends to get splotchy it's advised to drink a nice glass of ice water. Doing this will help tone down your redness, the coldness literally will cause your blood vessels to "cool you out".
  4. Make sure to moisturize your skin within 2-3 mins. of you getting out of the shower, according from a book I read, it helps keep water from evaporating off your skin. ( it's also nice to keep your skin hydrated from a nice warm shower ^^ )
  5. If you want your makeup to stay on all day and night, go on the lookout for a good primer! (if you want to know what primer I use, just ask) 
  6. To make your nose look slimmer use a highlighter or a cream shimmer and draw a line down the very center of your nose! This will draw light to that area, creating the illusion of having a "slimmer"
  7. To have your eye-shadow become more pigmented and have longer lasting power, you can slightly SLIGHTLY wet your shadow brush with some water and then go on with putting on your eye-shadow. It's a nice little trick when you want your eye-shadow to be really dark and in your face :3 
  8. DIY lip scurb: one teaspoon of brown sugar or regular sugar and one teaspoon of honey! Scoop up some with your finger and put it on your lips and scrub your lips, wash it out with warm water and ta-da you got nice soft lips! No more nasty dead skin on your lips, you'll just have nice exfoliated lippys ^ o ^ 
  9. To avoid smudges when you apply mascara just use a business card or some sort of shield and apply your mascara. I usually do this when I apply mascara on my lower lashes.
  10. Quick DIY one ingredient face mask: Crack an egg and just use the egg whites then put it on your face and let it dry. You will feel it tighten your skin and you it's all dry wash your face with warm water ^^ and yayyy you're still will feel so nice!! Trust me I do this once in a while. Yeah I know an egg on your face? but it will make your skin nice and soft and eeep :>

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♥ My birthday wishlist (2014) ♥

Hai everyone!! Sorry this blog has been MIA, to be quiet honest I just been lazy... Not even going to try to make excuses haha. Anywho, My birthday is coming up and I thought I should make a wishlist of things I want but probably won't get. It's mostly for you guys to see what kind of stuff I like and i'm sure you'll all think these items are all cute!! ^^ (not sure if anyone would want those star wars keychains but I do for my car keys ; ~ ; )
It's also nice to see the online shops I go on, so you guys can go on them too! There's loads of cute stuff everywhere! 

Get a corgi or a bunny!!! 
Naked 1 & 3 eyeshadow palettes!
I want to hopefully get my licence (let's hope I pass the test)
Be around people that love and care about me everyday ^^ 
Bring in good vibes and not let these bad vibes get the best of me *sighs* which is hard :c
Phone call from my mommy,step dad, & my 3 little siblings. I miss them all so much already!! </3 
Have an amazing day on my birthday and spend it with my best friend and boyfriend 
Birthday sex (i'm kidding or am I??)

If anyone cares my birthday is on febuary 15th and i'll be turning 18, which is a big deal for me because this is literally just the beginning of me growing up and learning things that come along  from being an adult... eeeps so fricking scary!!! ; - ;
I remember when I was like 10 and now i'm fricking 18 (almost)... time flies by so fast :< 
*sad face*
...... on a happier note, 
I hope you guys are having an lovely day! 
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Modcloth dress review

BEWARE: some of the pictures are washed out because blogger can be a poop at times so sorry in advance! 

 So SO SO SO SORRY that blogger is washing out the pictures!!! :< 

I love love LOVE this dress, and I love Modcloth! I'm sure you all hear of modcloth already.... Amazing online store that sells cute & amazing clothing and other stuff! 
Anywho, about the dress... I like it loads and it looks the same as it did online so that good ^^ 

As you can see I got it on sale!! Which made me oh so happy since I saw it before but I wasn't willing to pay the full price because i'm poor. Aren't we all so thankful for sales? Because I sure am!
Shipping: The dress got here in 5 days, I believe. I ordered it on a monday and it got here on a saturday, which is awesome because I love fast shipping! 
The quality of this dress is good, but I wouldn't pay the full price as I said before.
Moving along to what I rate it....

♡ I give it 10 hearts out of 10
I love modcloth loads!

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