10 Quick Beauty Tips

  1. Use an oil-based makeup remover to really get stubborn eye makeup off! You can also use olive oil to remove makeup, but i'm sure you all know that!  
  2. DIY face mask for your skin: One teaspoon of raw oatmeal and one of teaspoon of honey! ^^ The oatmeal is smoothing for your skin and the honey helps to hydrate and kill bacteria. 
  3. If your face tends to get splotchy it's advised to drink a nice glass of ice water. Doing this will help tone down your redness, the coldness literally will cause your blood vessels to "cool you out".
  4. Make sure to moisturize your skin within 2-3 mins. of you getting out of the shower, according from a book I read, it helps keep water from evaporating off your skin. ( it's also nice to keep your skin hydrated from a nice warm shower ^^ )
  5. If you want your makeup to stay on all day and night, go on the lookout for a good primer! (if you want to know what primer I use, just ask) 
  6. To make your nose look slimmer use a highlighter or a cream shimmer and draw a line down the very center of your nose! This will draw light to that area, creating the illusion of having a "slimmer"
  7. To have your eye-shadow become more pigmented and have longer lasting power, you can slightly SLIGHTLY wet your shadow brush with some water and then go on with putting on your eye-shadow. It's a nice little trick when you want your eye-shadow to be really dark and in your face :3 
  8. DIY lip scurb: one teaspoon of brown sugar or regular sugar and one teaspoon of honey! Scoop up some with your finger and put it on your lips and scrub your lips, wash it out with warm water and ta-da you got nice soft lips! No more nasty dead skin on your lips, you'll just have nice exfoliated lippys ^ o ^ 
  9. To avoid smudges when you apply mascara just use a business card or some sort of shield and apply your mascara. I usually do this when I apply mascara on my lower lashes.
  10. Quick DIY one ingredient face mask: Crack an egg and just use the egg whites then put it on your face and let it dry. You will feel it tighten your skin and you it's all dry wash your face with warm water ^^ and yayyy you're still will feel so nice!! Trust me I do this once in a while. Yeah I know an egg on your face? but it will make your skin nice and soft and eeep :>

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