♡ December Favorites! ♡

 First thing is TIGHTS!! I still wear dresses and it's cold where I live so I just layer tights and some black knee high socks and i'm good to go!! ♡ ^^ well unless it's like freezing then i'm not so good to go hahah

 In favorites for obvious reasons.... cough drops save my life when i'm sick always!

For makeup in the month of december i've been loving my stila eyeshadow/cheek palettes, I did a review on them here.
The next palette is from NXY and it's just perfect, all the clothes are just nice and neutral :>

 I wore this color a lot in december because it's the holidays and red reminds me of the holidays! ^^ 

This is a weird favorite but I DON'T LIKE FEELING SWEATY AT ALL!! ugh and this sorta stay me dry, it's better then my last deodorant so....

 This hair product is my life saver!! I got it in the beginning of the month because my hair when it's wet just is horrible! It just breaks off so easily and I can't brush it unless I put this product on it :< I just put it on my damp hair and either blow dry my hair or let it air dye and it's very very soft afterwards :3
My hair is only horrible when it's wet so I try to not wash my hair as much so it get natural nasty oils... blah

 Moving on to my lips I picked out another dark lipstick.. this one is nice and goes on smooth ^^ I thought I took a picture of the actaul lipstick but I just I forgot... whoops sorry everyone! :c 

 here's a swatchy swatchy. I think it comes on darker on my lips though.. weird 

 My favorite accessory at the moment, just starting in december... I got these fake glasses barely in december when I went to the mall w/ my boo (destiny) and I love them, really glad I didn't put them back 
(u w u)  

here's a mobile selca I took w/ them today :> ♡

 FUZZY SOCKSSSSSS!! They are a favorite also in the winter and tbh always when i'm home :3 I got these ones for Christmas from my mom. Thanks mom!! 

This candle is wow... I love it *heart eyes* ♡ ____ ♡ IT JUST SMELLS SO GOOD! Makes my room smell like a bakery ^^ woot woot

 I believe I watched this movie in the beginning of december or the end of november, not sure... Oh well, I love this movie! The story is just so cute and it reminds me of my love for my siblings so yeah it made me cry ;; The music in this movie is very catchy and adorable. The animation does look very very similar to tangled but I don't see how people were saying it's sorta the same like tangled because I didn't see anything just the animation tbh... Overall I like the movie and it's one of my favorites now! 

Me and my brother barely finish season 1 but I never thought I would like 30 rock but it's so funny!! I'm sure you can get a good laugh from this show so give it a watch! :3

I think that's all I have for last month! I was going to add favorite music but I am lazy right now ((sorry)) in January's I will though! ^^ 
As you can tell, I am finally back where I have internet so hopefully my blog will be off hiatus now!
I luv u all and I hope you're all doing lovely! 
Mwah <3
( awh that's me and my boyfriend :' ♡)

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