Modcloth dress review

BEWARE: some of the pictures are washed out because blogger can be a poop at times so sorry in advance! 

 So SO SO SO SORRY that blogger is washing out the pictures!!! :< 

I love love LOVE this dress, and I love Modcloth! I'm sure you all hear of modcloth already.... Amazing online store that sells cute & amazing clothing and other stuff! 
Anywho, about the dress... I like it loads and it looks the same as it did online so that good ^^ 

As you can see I got it on sale!! Which made me oh so happy since I saw it before but I wasn't willing to pay the full price because i'm poor. Aren't we all so thankful for sales? Because I sure am!
Shipping: The dress got here in 5 days, I believe. I ordered it on a monday and it got here on a saturday, which is awesome because I love fast shipping! 
The quality of this dress is good, but I wouldn't pay the full price as I said before.
Moving along to what I rate it....

♡ I give it 10 hearts out of 10
I love modcloth loads!

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