♥ My birthday wishlist (2014) ♥

Hai everyone!! Sorry this blog has been MIA, to be quiet honest I just been lazy... Not even going to try to make excuses haha. Anywho, My birthday is coming up and I thought I should make a wishlist of things I want but probably won't get. It's mostly for you guys to see what kind of stuff I like and i'm sure you'll all think these items are all cute!! ^^ (not sure if anyone would want those star wars keychains but I do for my car keys ; ~ ; )
It's also nice to see the online shops I go on, so you guys can go on them too! There's loads of cute stuff everywhere! 

Get a corgi or a bunny!!! 
Naked 1 & 3 eyeshadow palettes!
I want to hopefully get my licence (let's hope I pass the test)
Be around people that love and care about me everyday ^^ 
Bring in good vibes and not let these bad vibes get the best of me *sighs* which is hard :c
Phone call from my mommy,step dad, & my 3 little siblings. I miss them all so much already!! </3 
Have an amazing day on my birthday and spend it with my best friend and boyfriend 
Birthday sex (i'm kidding or am I??)

If anyone cares my birthday is on febuary 15th and i'll be turning 18, which is a big deal for me because this is literally just the beginning of me growing up and learning things that come along  from being an adult... eeeps so fricking scary!!! ; - ;
I remember when I was like 10 and now i'm fricking 18 (almost)... time flies by so fast :< 
*sad face*
...... on a happier note, 
I hope you guys are having an lovely day! 
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