♡ My cute sushi date with my cute boyfriend: A photo diary ♡

Hai everyone! ^^ I'm here with a photo diary from my dinner date with my boyfriend on Jan. 13,2014~ 
Shoutout to my boyfriend for taking most of the pictures from his phone, those ones are probably the most nicer quality ones ((obviously haha)) 
So the place we went was called sushi den and it was really lovely and the place was so nice! I wish I took a picture of the sushi bar and there was literally a line of chefs just preparing stuff so that was pretty cool ^ o ^ 

 Omg we ate these really amazing wontons..... OoooooOo boy those were my fave! I don't think me and my boyfriend took a picture of them but they're in that lined dish in the middle ~ We also got ramen, not sure what kind of ramen because Aaron ordered it so... ; ~ ; and miso clam soup ^^ 


* w * yummers 

I hate this picture cause I look really really dumb u__u but my boyfriend took it and I thought you guys should see how dumb I look when I eat hahah

Our sushi yayyyy ^ u ^ ♡ I can't really describe them that well at all because I don't which one is which and I don't want to make a fool of myself ; ~ ; I should ask aaron but lazy, sorry!! 
One thing I do want to add is that I HATEEEEEEE HATE wasbai... 97% of the sushi had hidden wasbai and I couldn't! Thankfully my boyfriend started checking them before I ate them :> hehhe thanks sweetie if you're reading this!! 

Do you guys like wasbai?? Tell me in the comments because I want to see how crazy some of you cuties are for liking it 

My favorite picture at the moment ♡

I had a lovely time with my boyfriend like I always do! He's my favorite boy in the whole wide world and my best friend (my girl best best BEST friend is destiny obviously!! I love you girl
It was really nice to finally see my boyfriend because I didn't see him for month for reasons.... Everything was perfect expect sometimes I was acting poopy but I don't want to talk about that so... 
Oh you guys, he loved the diy christmas gifts, which made me so happy because I wasn't sure how he would react but he thought they were so cute so yay!! 
That's about it for this blog post ^^ I love you guys and thank you so much for taking your time to visit my blog and spend your time looking at the pictures, I put my 110% on this blog and I appreciate all the support and how nice everyone is to me!

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