Cute bras: part 1

I was trying to look for some "cheap" bras but I swear so many bras are so expensive!! I have to say that the first three are pricey to me :< ugh I think we can all agree that bras are too much!! I do although understand that the more pricey ones are very cute and are great quality but I am too poor haha... I usually just get my bras at forever 21 and h&m or ross because they are not too pricey and are very cute!! ^^ 
This post is just for looks of course, and I plan to do more just for looks. We can all dream to have nice bras together!! 

(going from left to right)

Hanky Panky And Brightly So Unlined Bra

♡ Ulta Haul ♡

I went to ulta today because I really really REALLY wanted to buy myself the naked 3 palette so I went ahead and got it and some other things! ^^ thank you birthday money from my dad's best friend hehe 
Also I'm sorry about the lighting I did this at night while I was studying/watching parenthood ; ~ ; 

This is the most i've ever spend money one and I am very excited, I will be doing a review soon but of course I need to get an opinion on this and know how I feel about a product. Just be on the lookout for the review! ^^  ♡

Swatchy swatchy as I always say

I have heard some many great things from this brand of dry shampoo so I bought a baby size one just to try it out... I'm excited because dry shampoo is my best friend, literally I rarely wash my hair so :B dirty haired princess always 

One of my favorite youtube beauty gurus loves these butter gloss and always raves about them so I got two and just from putting on the left one, I really really LOVE it! 

So more swatchy swatchys~ 

These cuties were on sale so I was like why not???? I miss wearing falsies all the time!! :c

Another baby sized product I picked up just to see if I love it or not, I'm sure it'll be nice though because I've great things about smashbox primers ^^ 

Let me know if you want to see a review on any of these products on the comments and i'll do it! ^^ hehe don't be shy, i'm not mean at all! 
I luv you sweeties and as always thanks!! 

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♡ Photo Diary: 18th birthday Dinner ^^ ♡

Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!! i'm here to share just a few photo from my birthday dinner :3 I had a lovely time, even though my boyfriend wasn't there to share that time with me. We even went one of those horse rides downtown and it was pretty cool and funny :B I wish I could take pictures of that but it was so coldddddddddddddddddd!! 
BEWARE: the lighting sucked inside so the pictures suck :c sowwie I should've brought my nice camera!! 
((oh look at that sexy strawberry lemonade))

Appetizers :3 heheh

Obviously I ate pasta ^ o ^ it was very yummy although I barely ate some cause I was so full from the appetizers ~ 

Destiny had some yummy salmon ^^ 

This is a blurry picture but my brother ate a sandwich


I had cookie dough cheesecake!! omg it was so good ^^ hehe

me, destiny, then a picture of my brother bahah 

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Valentine's Day: Diary post about my day

I hope you lovely cuties had a nice valentine's day with or without someone special. 
The school day was nice, I gave some nice people some valentine's and they all gave me hugs! I just wish I gave treats with the valentine's!! :c  *sighs* All in all it was a nice valentine's day at school.
My afternoon and night was so nice & lovely, I enjoyed every minute with my bf. We didn't go anywhere as planned because I was super duper tired and plus I didn't want to be cold, so we just stayed inside ordered some Chinese food and redboxed some moo-bees :B 80% of our time was spend talking to each other, the other percent of time can't be spoken of cause.... no one really wants to hear about that ; ~ ; Anywho, we talked a lot and it was really nice because I love spending time like that with him. I just love talking to him about everything, he's my best friend and I really like that about our relationship. I love looking at his handsome face and kiss him all up *mwah mwah mwah* he's so lovely. This is getting off topic and like a diary post haha... i'll stop.
I'll close this off with saying it was amazing and I went home feeling really REALLY tired but very happy. ^^

Hai to my boyfriend when he reads this, and I hope this makes you smile *kissy face* 

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Cute Home Goodies: A wishlist

 I'm slowly collecting a list of things that I will like to have in my home when I move out with my cutie bear ^^
It's going to be kinda weird trying to mix us two together in a home cause I like a lot of cuter and pastel things but i'm sure he'll let me have some cute goodies in our home hahah

3. KitckenAid Mixer (you can find these on amazon, I just got an image ^^ )

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