♡ Clump Crusher Review ♡

my camera makes my hands/fingers look so ugly omg... ;; ewww I'M SOWWIE

i'm sorry but I need to a better lens so I can take better close up because my lens doesn't have that great aperture and the lens is shitty as well.... but I added these pictures so you can at least a good idea, even if it's through blurry pictures haha sorry once again.
This is my blurry eyeball with no mascara, they are just curled :3 

 One coat of mascara ^ u ^ 

Two coats of mascara ^^ 

Cost: Well I got it for around 7 dollars at wal-mart, which is good for a mascara. 
Wear-ability: Well I think that it hold up wonderful, I've been wearing everyday and I love it for everyday. It holds up amazing at school, although I do wear it mixed this mascara with the rocket because that mascara is also amazing!! I'll say that this mascara, for me holds up for about a good 6-7 hours. I got the waterproof one but sadly I'll have to say that when I get into the shower it just runs off easily, it's not a bad thing to me because I wouldn't go swimming or do any water activities with makeup but my point is that if you were you'll end up looking like a raccoon! ;;  On that point it's weird that it wear good but when you go into water it's just melts off, it's easy to take off though so yay :3 
What it need to live up to: This mascara claims to be clump free.... Which I think it totally lives up to. I love it from that factor but it doesn't really give me nice volume and my eyelashes really need that. That being said, I really do think that this mascara is really nice from what the packaging say it is :>
Rating: i'll have to say I give it 8/10 hearts !

If you have this mascara let me know what you think or tell me if you are going to put it up in the comments ^^ 
I love you guys byeeeeee!! 

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