January Favorites (2014)

This primer is my lover at the moment, it's keeps me oil-free and I have combo skin so this is just the best primer for my skin type. There's some pros and cons that come with it though but I have learned how to use it.
I was going to do a review on this but idk hahah.... If you guys would want a review I will though! 

This foundation brush has made my life perfect so obviously it gets a special place in my heart and favorite list now. 

It's a ecotools brushes btw 

I love, love, LOVE my phone case ^^ it's fit me so perfectly. It's very simple but that's what I like about it. I do wish there was cuter phone cases for my phone but i'm really happy with this at the moment :>
I bought it at ebay, thank goodness for ebay because I thought there was no such thing as a cute phone case for my phone! 

Shoutout to my boyfriend for getting me these for Christmas! ^^ I wuv youuuuuuuuu
They smell like roses and my boyfriend knows I like that. Wow literally just noticed that, that means he actually remembered that. :' what a thoughtful cutie!
Anywho I think these are really nice to just get most of your makeup off it doesn't completely take all of it, I usually end up cleaning my face and 98% of my makeup is gone ^^ so yayy! 

I've been wearing this ring again because yano. I try to wear it every single day! More like favorite of my life to be honest.
If you guys don't know me and my boyfriend have matching star wars rings, but my boyfriend loses his ring all the time... u___u fricking poop!!! I think we all need to yell at him because no, that's a big no no!
Anyways, my ring say I love you and my boyfriend's says I know.
If you don't know that part, it's when han solo is about to be frozen in carbonite and princess leia is all like "I love you" and then han being too cool to say it back says "I know"
so yeah that's the whole thing behind our rings. ^^

Favorite Tv Show of the Month 

I finally decided that I would finish the last season of gossip girl and end my long journey with the show and the lovely cast. :c Gossip girl will always have a special place in my heart, but especially the month of January because it ended for me forever *sobs* 
I was very happy with the ending but there's still so much I am wondering... ;; 
If you're interested in watching this show all the seasons are on Netflix!! ^^ 

I am so so sorry if my favorites were boring, I just couldn't really think of any good interesting things to show you guys! :c I rarely bought anything in January at all! Let's hope February favorites are more interesting
 ^ 3 ^ 
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