Mini Haul-y

So this going to be my valentine's day dress i'll be wearing ^ u ^ yayy it's so cute and simple which I love! Also it's not a typical v-day color like pink or red. 

 The back cut-outs are so so cute!!! ahhhhh 

It's glittery :>

It was going for 30 dollars and it had a makeup stain so I got it for about 24 dollars ^ o ^ oh yeah! To be honest the make-up stain is not biggie, literally I came off with water and soap hhaah it was around the bust area and it wasn't that big so that's why I still got it... fyi 

I just bought some black pants cause I love black pants... nothing exciting at all folks! But I did get them for only 5 dollars so that's pretty cool 
I was watching MakeupByAlli's IMATS vlog on my phone, let's all just ignore that shhhhh ; ~ ; 

I think it's funny that this was suppose for a 14 year old but it fit me so I don't care plus it was only 3 dollars which is a steal and that made me happy ^ o ^ 

 2nd favorite item I got ^ u ^ i've been wanting a kimono for literally ever! I like this one cause it's black and white and i'll for sure just wear it with a black tank top and jeans and it'll look so cute!! eeeps

That's everything I got, it wasn't anything interesting at all :B 
I also got a set of earring that were only a dollar but I forgot to add them and take a picture of them :< 

I'm planning to do the TMI tag next on here because I enjoy answering questions and those are always seem fun.
Oh while we're on the topic of tags I really need to make my boyfriend do the boyfriend tag, that would 100% be in video format... It's just my camera sucks with videos!!!

If you lovely sweeties have ideas for me or anything just comment on this post! 

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