♡ Photo Diary: 18th birthday Dinner ^^ ♡

Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!! i'm here to share just a few photo from my birthday dinner :3 I had a lovely time, even though my boyfriend wasn't there to share that time with me. We even went one of those horse rides downtown and it was pretty cool and funny :B I wish I could take pictures of that but it was so coldddddddddddddddddd!! 
BEWARE: the lighting sucked inside so the pictures suck :c sowwie I should've brought my nice camera!! 
((oh look at that sexy strawberry lemonade))

Appetizers :3 heheh

Obviously I ate pasta ^ o ^ it was very yummy although I barely ate some cause I was so full from the appetizers ~ 

Destiny had some yummy salmon ^^ 

This is a blurry picture but my brother ate a sandwich


I had cookie dough cheesecake!! omg it was so good ^^ hehe

me, destiny, then a picture of my brother bahah 

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