Valentine's Day: Diary post about my day

I hope you lovely cuties had a nice valentine's day with or without someone special. 
The school day was nice, I gave some nice people some valentine's and they all gave me hugs! I just wish I gave treats with the valentine's!! :c  *sighs* All in all it was a nice valentine's day at school.
My afternoon and night was so nice & lovely, I enjoyed every minute with my bf. We didn't go anywhere as planned because I was super duper tired and plus I didn't want to be cold, so we just stayed inside ordered some Chinese food and redboxed some moo-bees :B 80% of our time was spend talking to each other, the other percent of time can't be spoken of cause.... no one really wants to hear about that ; ~ ; Anywho, we talked a lot and it was really nice because I love spending time like that with him. I just love talking to him about everything, he's my best friend and I really like that about our relationship. I love looking at his handsome face and kiss him all up *mwah mwah mwah* he's so lovely. This is getting off topic and like a diary post haha... i'll stop.
I'll close this off with saying it was amazing and I went home feeling really REALLY tired but very happy. ^^

Hai to my boyfriend when he reads this, and I hope this makes you smile *kissy face* 

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