DIY makeup holder

Hello everyone! I'm here today to show you how you can make a simple makeup holder. This makeup holder is super easy to make and it's very handy if you don't want to go spend a lot of money for a place to hold your makeup :3

 Supplies you need:
some cardboard 
(I used a box that was laying around, i've had it forever when I ordered my homecoming dress from modcloth)
Crafting tape
Whatever pattern your heart desires. I got mine at Wal-Mart and the cutest one they had was this holographic one ^ o ^ 

I first want to explain how I make the little boxes aka the holder, just the basic thing.... I didn't take pictures of these parts because I already did that a long, long, long time ago. It's really really simple though!
All I did was use a bunch of  clear tape that I had left over from christmas wrapping and taped together the cardboard piece~ ooOOooo so ghetto haha

Here are the steps:
Just to tell you I didn't do anything perfect at all... So if you want to measure everything exact, feel free to do so :3
You first have to cut your main bottom piece, that is going to be the base of everything.
You are free to do what ever sizes you want! As long as you have that much cardboard (cut down a box, which is what I did)
After doing your bottom piece you will have to estimate measure the sides so you can have a mini little holder. I didn't measure anything I use got pieces of cardboard, put them next to each side of the bottom "base" piece and cut it into that width. Please note that you also need to see how you want the height of the sides you want! ^^ 
Once you have all the four sides cut out start either taping or gluing them together.
Re-do all these steps and create all the holders you want or can do! 
After all that start covering it all with crafting tape

Measure!!!! Measure where you want to place the tape down.. 

More random measuring of places that need to be filled in with the crafting tape


One done so far... Just a heads up the tape is not measured perfect at all, I just did stripes of tape and then filled in the rest with more tape. I don't think this is the best way and I ended up waste a bunch of tape so for the next four I have to do I am going to try to find a better way to use the tape so I don't waste. 

This holographic crafting tape if so cool in the sun~ wows... this is the bottom by the way

This is just an example with some of my makeup when it's on top of my dresser.... when it's all of my makeup is on my dresser like that it looks like the biggest disaster ever!

 Ta-Da! The final product. Now you have a nice, cool, cute makeup holder! YAYYYYYY 
I still have more to do but I ran out of crafting tape :< this is just two out of six.
This being said, you can totally make as many as you want!! ^^ 

If you have any questions about this DIY let me know in the comments below or on my twitter

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Cute Prom Dresses: Part 1

Hello everyone!! ^^ Since for me prom is about 2 months away, i've been looking at dresses a lot! These are some of my favorites right now :3 I'll probably be doing another one next month with some other of my favorites so if you guys like these i'll pick out some more! 


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Word Post: Kindness

Hello everyone!! ^^ I just wanted to talk about kindness today.
Not just kindness to a certain person but to everyone and mostly to yourself! Lately I have been doubtful and mean on myself that I want to change that and how I am towards others as well. This first of all starts with you and how you want to approach things of course :3 
There are so many little acts of kindness you can do for others and yourself everyday. They can range from cute little things to really big accomplishments! 
What I will be doing
well starting with kindness for myself; I am going to start reading some positive things online everyday, I found a nice awesome tumblr page that I can go on and see nice quotes and pictures in the morning or when i'm feeling weh. I am also writing a lot on my online diary and my handwritten diary, I noticed that I write only (on both) when i'm really sad or angry which is horrible because when I go back and re-read them I get so sad! So I started writing cute things to myself and positive quotes to help with that ^^
Something else I am planning to do is have a jar and every time something good happens write it and put it in there, and hopefully by the end of the year it will be all filled up! 

Now moving along to what I plan to do for others; I want to at least try to do one act of kindness each day (going to be do hard but I am going to try!!!), I got some many great ideas from this website! As I said before they are not going to be the biggest acts ever but they might just make someone happy somewhere or somehow. 

Do you lovely people plan on doing some acts of kindness with me? 
If you guys do, I would love to hear about it on here or on my twitter :3
You all are very lovely and kind to me so thank you so so much!
*blows kisses*

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Naked 3 Review + Swatches!

 Hello everyone!! Today I am here review the naked 3 palette from the naked eyeshadow series from urban decay^^ 
In this palette all the shadows are rose hue and that's what really drived me into this palette more. Review and overall opinions are at the end! 

The palette comes with this brush which is very handy in my opinion, I use the fluffy side to add the shadows all over my lid :3

I just want to say that I am so sorry these swatches don't really do the eyeshadow any justice!! My camera totally washed them out and they came out kinda light :c so I am very sorry.

Strange: This shadow is a matte pinky ivory shadow but the pink is very unnoticeable and comes as being more ivory. 
Dust: This is very nice chunky pink glittery shadow, although it has a lot of fall out. Great to layer over other colors
Burnout: Very rosey with gold glitter
Limit: A nice light dusty rosey shadow
Buzz: A rosey metallic with silver glitter shadow
Trick: rose gold, coppery shadow
Nooner: Rose mauvy brown matte shadow

Again sorry about my camera washing the shadows out! :c

Liar: Mavuy brown metallic shadow
Factory:  Satin blush brown shadow
Mugshot: Metallic brown taupe color, satin shadow
Darkside: Grey rosey taupe shadow
Blackheart: Dark purple with pink glitter flakes

 Comes with 4 samples of the different types of eyeshadow primer potions :3 

Cost: I bought this at ulta for 52 dollars just by itself it's selling for 52 dollars.

Wear-ability: I think that you can totally rock this everyday if you wanted to wear pink shadows everyday, which I have been doing for the past week and a half since I bought this palette. 

Quality: The quality of these shadows is amazing and I can finally see why so much beauty gurus rave about urban decay! These are so pigmented!! (although on my camera it doesn't show that >:c ugh) They go on very nicely and are super duper buttery and blend perfectly <3 ahhh!

Opinions: I just love this palette and i'll tell you why... I love it because it's just so different from every other eyeshadow palette I have seen. These are not your basic shadows, this might not everyone's cup of everyday tea talking eyeshadow wise hahah but that's why I love it so much! It's something that is very new and fresh about these colors that ahhh! I honestly think that it's worth your 52 dollars! I know that it's so much money for just some eyeshadows but seriously i've never seen colors like these anywhere, you're just getting what you're paying for. I am still playing around with the shadows and I have been wearing this palette everyday.. So far I have been really been loving: Buzz, Trick, Nooner, & Factory. Those are my favorites at the moment but I feel like they will change more when I play more around with the colors as I said before ^^
Rating: I would give the naked 3 palette 10/10 ! 

I love it oh so much as you can tell and I am definitely going to rave more about it! I'm actually even thinking of getting the naked 2 palette because those colors seem appealing to me as well :3

Let me know if I should or leave your own opinions on the comments!

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February Favorites 2014

I'm in love with these shoes way too much, the day they came was the first day of februray and I literally wore them the next day aka it was the super bowl... sadly I am no longer taller with these types of shoes when i'm standing next to my boyfriend but that also a good thing because I can wear them around him though! ^^ so yayy 

This necklace is an oldie but a goodie and I wear it too much so I guess you can call it an all time favorite ???

So lately I decided I shouldn't be wearing foundation on my face anymore when I go to school (I only put a bit of concealer though) so I just wash my face in the morning with this and it minimizes my pores in a big way!  

I've already talked about this mascara on here and I do love it a lot^^ 
you can see my review on it here


Mini little perfume bottle of fancy by jessica simpson 
I can't really explain the scent at all but it smells kinda sexy and idk I really cannot explain perfume scents at all! I'm sorry! :<
I got a collection of mini jessica simpson perfume bottles as a late christmas present from my auntie so they might all slowly be in my favorites... 

I barely have noticed that doing my eyebrows is very important in my life! Although I didn't really like it at first, i'm slowly liking it.
I really think that this e.l.f eyebrow kit is great for three dollars, I mean you can't bet that! ^^ 

I love this eyeliner, it's not the best on my waterline at times but on my lash line it's perfect and lasts for a long time on top of liquid eyeliner

swatchy swatch

MY LIFE SAVER AND BEST FRIEND!! Basically my favorite every month though but whateves


I had to get use this because my other liquid eyeliner I usually use wasn't in stock at the wal-mart I go and this was there so I thought oh well it's the same brand and line so why not?
Well at first I was like this isn't bad, I kinda like it. But nope, it dried up after the fifth use plus it's more pricey than the other one I use so.... :< 

the formula isn't that great too...

Tv Show 
I am literally in love with this show! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! This is the only series I have been watching since valentine's day. It's such a great show and it's so interesting and you can just see so many elements of people and families in this show. I love LOVE LOVE the characters so much! I can't even pick a favorite... I got sucked into this show and still am, I am barely into the second season but I finish the first one in about 4-5 days. If you want to check Parenthood out, it's on netflix! 

Amazing song, amazing flow of the rapping and everything! Totally reminds me of my boyfriend for some reason, if this was in a girl's perspective 

This song is just sighs.... I just :c 
So much sad feelings.

Really also love stwo's remix of this song.... OoooOOOoo my jam!!  ^ o ^ 

Very catchy, very modern disco-y (which is my kind of genre), super duper fun to sing along to! ^^ I love it! 

This is literally the only song on my phone and I listen to it over and over and over.... I had to stop myself for a bit toward these last two weeks of February but seriously ahhh can't get enough of Jhene Aiko!! She's so pretty too :< ahhh

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