DIY makeup holder

Hello everyone! I'm here today to show you how you can make a simple makeup holder. This makeup holder is super easy to make and it's very handy if you don't want to go spend a lot of money for a place to hold your makeup :3

 Supplies you need:
some cardboard 
(I used a box that was laying around, i've had it forever when I ordered my homecoming dress from modcloth)
Crafting tape
Whatever pattern your heart desires. I got mine at Wal-Mart and the cutest one they had was this holographic one ^ o ^ 

I first want to explain how I make the little boxes aka the holder, just the basic thing.... I didn't take pictures of these parts because I already did that a long, long, long time ago. It's really really simple though!
All I did was use a bunch of  clear tape that I had left over from christmas wrapping and taped together the cardboard piece~ ooOOooo so ghetto haha

Here are the steps:
Just to tell you I didn't do anything perfect at all... So if you want to measure everything exact, feel free to do so :3
You first have to cut your main bottom piece, that is going to be the base of everything.
You are free to do what ever sizes you want! As long as you have that much cardboard (cut down a box, which is what I did)
After doing your bottom piece you will have to estimate measure the sides so you can have a mini little holder. I didn't measure anything I use got pieces of cardboard, put them next to each side of the bottom "base" piece and cut it into that width. Please note that you also need to see how you want the height of the sides you want! ^^ 
Once you have all the four sides cut out start either taping or gluing them together.
Re-do all these steps and create all the holders you want or can do! 
After all that start covering it all with crafting tape

Measure!!!! Measure where you want to place the tape down.. 

More random measuring of places that need to be filled in with the crafting tape


One done so far... Just a heads up the tape is not measured perfect at all, I just did stripes of tape and then filled in the rest with more tape. I don't think this is the best way and I ended up waste a bunch of tape so for the next four I have to do I am going to try to find a better way to use the tape so I don't waste. 

This holographic crafting tape if so cool in the sun~ wows... this is the bottom by the way

This is just an example with some of my makeup when it's on top of my dresser.... when it's all of my makeup is on my dresser like that it looks like the biggest disaster ever!

 Ta-Da! The final product. Now you have a nice, cool, cute makeup holder! YAYYYYYY 
I still have more to do but I ran out of crafting tape :< this is just two out of six.
This being said, you can totally make as many as you want!! ^^ 

If you have any questions about this DIY let me know in the comments below or on my twitter

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  1. your blog header is so adorable i love it, plus this is a great post... i may try it! id love it if youd check out my blog and comment back xx

    1. awh thank you!! and oooh yay if you do I would totally love to see it! ^^