February Favorites 2014

I'm in love with these shoes way too much, the day they came was the first day of februray and I literally wore them the next day aka it was the super bowl... sadly I am no longer taller with these types of shoes when i'm standing next to my boyfriend but that also a good thing because I can wear them around him though! ^^ so yayy 

This necklace is an oldie but a goodie and I wear it too much so I guess you can call it an all time favorite ???

So lately I decided I shouldn't be wearing foundation on my face anymore when I go to school (I only put a bit of concealer though) so I just wash my face in the morning with this and it minimizes my pores in a big way!  

I've already talked about this mascara on here and I do love it a lot^^ 
you can see my review on it here


Mini little perfume bottle of fancy by jessica simpson 
I can't really explain the scent at all but it smells kinda sexy and idk I really cannot explain perfume scents at all! I'm sorry! :<
I got a collection of mini jessica simpson perfume bottles as a late christmas present from my auntie so they might all slowly be in my favorites... 

I barely have noticed that doing my eyebrows is very important in my life! Although I didn't really like it at first, i'm slowly liking it.
I really think that this e.l.f eyebrow kit is great for three dollars, I mean you can't bet that! ^^ 

I love this eyeliner, it's not the best on my waterline at times but on my lash line it's perfect and lasts for a long time on top of liquid eyeliner

swatchy swatch

MY LIFE SAVER AND BEST FRIEND!! Basically my favorite every month though but whateves


I had to get use this because my other liquid eyeliner I usually use wasn't in stock at the wal-mart I go and this was there so I thought oh well it's the same brand and line so why not?
Well at first I was like this isn't bad, I kinda like it. But nope, it dried up after the fifth use plus it's more pricey than the other one I use so.... :< 

the formula isn't that great too...

Tv Show 
I am literally in love with this show! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW! This is the only series I have been watching since valentine's day. It's such a great show and it's so interesting and you can just see so many elements of people and families in this show. I love LOVE LOVE the characters so much! I can't even pick a favorite... I got sucked into this show and still am, I am barely into the second season but I finish the first one in about 4-5 days. If you want to check Parenthood out, it's on netflix! 

Amazing song, amazing flow of the rapping and everything! Totally reminds me of my boyfriend for some reason, if this was in a girl's perspective 

This song is just sighs.... I just :c 
So much sad feelings.

Really also love stwo's remix of this song.... OoooOOOoo my jam!!  ^ o ^ 

Very catchy, very modern disco-y (which is my kind of genre), super duper fun to sing along to! ^^ I love it! 

This is literally the only song on my phone and I listen to it over and over and over.... I had to stop myself for a bit toward these last two weeks of February but seriously ahhh can't get enough of Jhene Aiko!! She's so pretty too :< ahhh

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