Word Post: Kindness

Hello everyone!! ^^ I just wanted to talk about kindness today.
Not just kindness to a certain person but to everyone and mostly to yourself! Lately I have been doubtful and mean on myself that I want to change that and how I am towards others as well. This first of all starts with you and how you want to approach things of course :3 
There are so many little acts of kindness you can do for others and yourself everyday. They can range from cute little things to really big accomplishments! 
What I will be doing
well starting with kindness for myself; I am going to start reading some positive things online everyday, I found a nice awesome tumblr page that I can go on and see nice quotes and pictures in the morning or when i'm feeling weh. I am also writing a lot on my online diary and my handwritten diary, I noticed that I write only (on both) when i'm really sad or angry which is horrible because when I go back and re-read them I get so sad! So I started writing cute things to myself and positive quotes to help with that ^^
Something else I am planning to do is have a jar and every time something good happens write it and put it in there, and hopefully by the end of the year it will be all filled up! 

Now moving along to what I plan to do for others; I want to at least try to do one act of kindness each day (going to be do hard but I am going to try!!!), I got some many great ideas from this website! As I said before they are not going to be the biggest acts ever but they might just make someone happy somewhere or somehow. 

Do you lovely people plan on doing some acts of kindness with me? 
If you guys do, I would love to hear about it on here or on my twitter :3
You all are very lovely and kind to me so thank you so so much!
*blows kisses*

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  1. Hey thanks for liking my post! Your blog is lovely and this is such a sweet post! Emily x