April Fools?

I never was a good april fools person and never really fooled anyone on this silly day. I just wanted to say that I have seen some great ones from some bloggers that I thought were really funny :B I wish I was witty enough like some of you guys! Sadly I am not :c maybe one year I will be and i'll fool all of y'all! WAHAHAHAH one day, you'll all see! 

Oh also it's my auntie's birthday! Yayyy i'm sure my cousins will see this since they read my blog so hello you guys! ^^ If it's your birthday too, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTIE!  
Oh another thing I wanted to say was, sorry I haven't been blogging lately... I just kinda suck at blogging and I have so many ideas but I don't have the tools or sometimes I just have brain farts! :c I know, I must get those creative juices flowing all over the place but it takes a while for me since I can be creative but sometimes I just get stuck wahhh
March favorites will be up this week though, so don't kill me now.... well this is me telling myself that basically haha 
Okay i'm done talking, I hope you're having a lovely decent day :3
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