DIY: painting

Things you'll need:
paint, any color of your choice

paint brushes (I have crappy ones and they work just fine^^)

Newspaper or pieces of paper to cover around the area you're painting on :3
(I'm using all the paper from my school planner since I don't use it ever)


one coat of the aftermath haha 
what a great mess~

This is just a closeup :>
I know this is not the best DIY but it was just something I wanted to do ^^
Yayy for lame diys, I just want to paint everything and make them cute with all the colors! hehe
Uhmm not sure what my next post will be but hopefully there will be another one soon.... I just have the worst brain farts ; ~ ; I am very sorry 
You're all so lovely and cute and I am very happy you take your time to come on my blog

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