Hai everyone! I'm finally making a blog post and it's a review! I just want to say that i'm sorry i've been so MIA but i've been all poopy lately and sometimes making a blog post is the last thing on my mind :c 
Sighs I'm so sorry, and I hope you guys understand but don't worry i'll be up and running again. Also just a heads up i've been trying to make an empties video for my blog but my computer overheats and then it just turns off *sobs* I'll try my best still to make that video but if not, i'll just do a blog post.
Now let's move on to the reviewwwwwwwwwww ~ 

I love, love, love my new non-prescription glasses from this super duper neat website! ^^
Let me start with my experience with this site, I would totally recommend it. All I have is good things to say about my experience with them. I found about from one of my all time favorite bloggers (She's my ultimate goals for my life and blogger life hahah), which is kate gabrielle from Scathingly Brilliant. I saw in one of her outfit posts that she was wearing glasses from firmoo and I was just like wow I love them, I need them! So I found them and found other glasses I wanted, although the prices got me all sad since I don't have money to spend on glasses but I was looking around and found out that they give away free first pair of glasses to the first 100 people that claim them! So I gave it a try and I was one of those lucky people! :3 
Moving to the shipping, sadly the shipping was okay. It took about 11 days to get to me, which is actually pretty good because the product/company is located in china. I order many things from china and they usually take more than 11 days sometimes, but usually it is about 11 days so I totally understand why it took a bit. I was starting to get a little worried though since I thought the company was from the US so I was going to email them but then I found out their from china and I felt dumb! So just a heads up to everyone out there!!!!
I really love that this company gives you a cool glasses case, holder, little glasses screwdriver, and a cleaner wipe! I was a bit too overly excited when I noticed when I say the little glasses screwdriver since they are so helpful if you have glasses! Literally I wore glasses for 5 years till I got contacts and they are just handy since glasses screws get all lose and nope just nope... yeah that's my little rant over glasses screwdrivers.... ; ~ ; hahaha *hides* I am such a lame-o.
My boyfriend even got his reading glasses from firmoo too and now he's all happy that he can read plus he looks super duper adorable with glasses *heart eyes* hehehe

I would rate 10/10 !! 
I am planning to get new prescription glasses from there but first I gotta call my eye doctor and find out my prescription ^ u ^ 

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