♡ A photo diary: Updates!! ♡

It's been forever since I've posted something on here! ; ~ ; seriously I always go MIA on my blog but I shall explain everything~ Just a fair warning this is going to be a lot of writing so..... I will first start out with saying that I am finally done with high school! Yes, I am beyond happy that I don't have to deal with silly people that go to high school anymore :3 I was super duper busy that whole checkout week since I was so behind with my school work and I am the type of person (sometimes) that finishes things at the last minute because I want them to be done well... to be honest that was the case with only one class but still I put all my effort to finish strong! Let's just say that school was so stressful and eeerk, I just wanted all my grades to be perfect but eh. 
Still talking about school, I went to my boyfriend & best friend's graduation which was very lovely :3 I'm so proud of both of them because they were doing everything online and I can just imagine how much a pain in the butt that must have been... I give them major props! Seriously I could never do that ever! I'm more of a person that likes being in a regular school so hahaah :B
I love them both very much. 
Even though after the graduation I wasn't feeling all that great, I still look back at that day and 
think it was good. 

Look at the pictures of the food and be jealous ~
I had a girls day with my best friend and her mom the day after the graduation which was last friday :3
It was something that I really needed, because I missed my best friend loads and we had a lot of laughs and loads of fun! 
Seeing my best friend always makes me very happy!!! ^^ 

 Saturday I went to see one of my favorite bands with my boyfriend :3
I had such a lovely night and I was over filled with joy because it's just one of my favorite bands!!! duh!!!  ; ~ ; 
I was just like weeeeeeee all the dancing and singing along, even though it was super duper hot inside! I'm glad my boyfriend was there with me (even though I was mad at him for a moment) because it was very fun and made it that much better just having him there ^ u ^ <3 hehe

 The opening act was a band named twinsmith and I really really liked them! They were so loud though I couldn't really talk to my boyfriend at all haha :B 

 This is the only decent photo I took... My boyfriend took better photos but I didn't want to bother him at the moment just for the pictures ; ~ ; I'll just add them later to the post so come back and this will updated I pinkie pie promise! 

I spend the night at my boyfriend's house that night so once we got back home, he fricking downloaded farmville and started playing u___u
He was being so cute while playing though because he was so into it and better than me...
Oh I ruined his life ; ~  ; i'm sorry honeyyy *waves* hai I know you will read this! 

He just wouldn't stop playing :c till we almost feel asleep (it was really cute though)

I love ya guys and I hope some of you enjoyed this :> I know it doesn't have the best pictures ever since all of them are from my phone but at least it's something! 
I probably won't be posting till this weekend maybe or next week since my momma is coming tomorrow for my graduation! 
My next blog post will be another photo diary so be prepared!
*mwah mwah mwah* 

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April Favorties!

Hi everyone I am long due for a April favorites I know and I'm sorry ! ; ~ ; I am just a slacker tbh haha....
Oh well at least I am here to do a favorites, even though it's way into may now but shhhhhhHHHHHhhh! 
WARNING: some photos aren't focused because my camera was acting poopy but it isn't that bad! I am sorry in advance ^ n ^ 

Okay this is a very TMI product but we're all girls here but i'm sure boys that read this are going to be like uhmmmm (?_?) anywho this product is to keep down there all nice and clean and smelling lovely. To all the girls reading this I hope this understand why I added it on my favorites... plus the packaging is not distributing at all it's really cute! am I wrong or? 

I have a love/hate relationship with this dry shampoo because sometimes it last and keep my oily head nice and tamed but some days it doesn't do that. It's really weird but I think that this is my favorite dry shampoo in the drugstore at the moment! ^^ maybe my issues is that I don't put enough hahah
Oh and it gives me great volume to my hair when it's curly!

I seriously love this face wash when i'm in the shower, it takes all my makeup right off! The only thing that I have to warn you guys about is that you shouldn't use a lot, only use a pea size of product because when I use a lot it gets all in my eyes and it burns like a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppppppp!!!

I can't even explain how much I enjoy the scent of this body wash! I think that this was a limited edition body wash from like winter that they still had in stock because it just reminds me of the holidays and all that jazz. The scent doesn't stay on my body sadly but when it was time to wash my body while showering (duh!) it made my whole bathroom like the lovely smell.
It's all gone now sadly :c wahhh why can't winter scents be around all year? I love all those scents! I know i'm not the only one

These falsies are so amazing! I love them and they look so natural on my eyes so I can get away wearing them everyday which I did for a whole week but now i'm just back to not doing that. All in all I need to get more pairs of these from this brand!

I love this mascara loads! A little does go a long way so there were times when it would clump up on me, but I don't care I can deal with clumpy lashes I like them sometimes but that's just me haha :B

Brush is so nice to get all my little baby lashes :3

My cremesheen glossy has come to the point where I need to buy a new one :c 
I love these glosses! I had this one for about a year and now it's just RIP.
They smell so good too goshhhhhhhhhhhh! 
The only thing is that they are 20 dollars.... BOOOOO! 

I couldn't focus my camera on a lot of things in this post as you can previously see in the other photos but I really like this bronzer because it's just matte and not so dark to the point where it's obviously that I used it. It just gives me a nature glow :3 another bonus is that it smells like chocolate! 

Always having trouble focusing :c but I tried to swatch.... poops

These snack bars are so yummy ! ^^ I try a lot of gluten free products since I like to knowing about the things that my mom can only eat so one day I picked these up and they are fricking amazing! I snack to these at school and just nom nom noms!  
Tv Shows 
I started watching drop dead diva because judy from itsjudyslife talked about it on a vlog once so I thought I could give it a try on Netflix and I did.... I GOT OBSESSED! I'm sure if you follow me on twitter you can always see me tweeting about the recent show I am watching and have seen me talked about this show a billion times haha I am sorry! I just feel in love with the characters, the story-line, and what happens in the show since I want to be a lawyer :3 
This show made me excited to hopefully do a career like that and although I'm sure it'll be wayyyyyyyy different in real time vs. this show I am sure that there will be some elements here and there that are similar. Oh I also needed some lawyer terms/things while watching this so that's a start right? 

I stopped watching mad men and I heard that this season on tv right now is the final season ever so I just thought it would great to catch up and honor it's last season by watching the old seasons since I haven't watched mad men in forever... Let's just say that I think don draper is no but then I just love him as a character.. The show is just grrrreat, I love the whole plot of the show and the setting... It makes me want to live in that time period :c UGH I WOULD FIT SO PERFECTLY !
everyone looks like babes 

Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? -  Arctic Monkeys 
Cardiac Arrest - Bad Suns
Settle Down - The 1975 
Metronomy's new album. This has been a fave for both going back to march and april and for sure going to be may! ^ o ^ so goodddd .... I might see them this month with my boyfriend hopefully, I need to buy tickets though so let's hope I do! 

I watched this movie barely in the last week of april and I thought it was such a cute movie! It's in Spanish but it does have some English here and there since the setting is LA but mostly Spanish. It made me cry at the end because I got all close to the characters :c If you guys want to watch it, it's on netflix.
I'm not saying it's the best movie ever but I thought the storyline was cute and funny :>

MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER AND EVERY MONTH IS.............................. uhmm my boyfriend he's so cute and makes me the happiest girl ever! It's almost going to be 3 years (in 3 months and a couple of days) that I've been with this lover buggie :' I don't want to bore you guys because I'm sure nobunny cares but I do and it's my blog and I can do what I want to!!! I love you Aaron I like cornnnnnnn ! *heart eyes for days* (that's a little insider, I just had to add it)

This is more of a march/april/may/all year favorite youtubers... and they are watchusliveandstuff aka Kalel and Anthony. They are just so cute and loveable and they have two cats named buki and pip....I just love watching them!! *tears* their videos just make me so happy and I hope that me and my boyfriend turn out like them in the future... Well we sorta are like them already but they are getting married and they use to live together but kalel is going to school so she had to move out closer to her school. I am obessed as I tell you guys, I even got my cousin to watch them and she loves them as well. Okay I'm done fangurling,,, ; ~ ; but seriously I don't think people understand.

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The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher 03 Plum Cushion Review

Hi everyone! I'm here with a review on this blush from the face shop plus my thoughts on just visiting the face shop.... I didn't even know there was a store literally 5 mins away from me ; ~ ; wow hahah

Color is sooooooooooooOOooo washed out from my camera.... ; ~ ; 

I tried adjusting the camera settings and this is sorta the color that it actually is so you guys can get an idea ^^ 

I couldn't get a good picture because focusing it was so hard
 this is the best picture I got of the powder puff...

Swatchy swatch
The camera really washed the color out sadly
It's a tat bit more darker, just a bit. 


There's plenty for me to talk about so let's get started :3

Packaging: The blush is contained in a sturdy cardboard-y material that's really lightweight. I'm sure the packaging will eventually slowly crumble and all that jazz since it is that cardboard material, but we shall see since it seems pretty sturdy. The blush also comes with a powder puff which is so cute, but to be quiet honest I am probably not going to get much use of it, I like using a brush way better. I love the packaging of the overall line of these blushes! They are all so cute, that was really drew me into buying one and trying it out. *sighs* interesting or cute packaging always gets me!!!
I know i'm not the only one though!  

How much product is inside: 5g also equal as 0.17 oz (measurements taken from packaging)
Lasting power/wear-ability: I think that the color is super pretty and I love that I have something like this in my blush collection, but sadly the lasting power isn't all that great plus it very sheer.... bleh. I'm sure if I applied more on my cheeks it would last longer and have better pigmentation maybe but I don't really like wearing a lot of blush at all I always think I look silly. I like the sheerness but I just wish it was more pigmented because it's such a pretty color. This blush might be different on you though so if you would want to give it a try I would recommend you to, everybunny has different skin types and all :> 
Texture of product: It glides on very softly on my skin and applies just fine, but when swatching with your finger it's a tat tat bit chalky.
Price: At the store I went to I bought it for 11 dollars, it's pricey but you can buy it for cheaper online like on ebay or an asian cosmetic online shop ^ u ^ 
Rate:  8/10 bunnies hopping since it's spring

My thoughts on visiting the face shop

Well first of all I always go to H-mart and I never knew that there was an face shop store right next to it! I am so blind and dumb, I literally noticed just a couple days ago!!!! u__u
Okay let me tell you that right before I got out of the car to enter there was like a group of four girls from texas I believe that were in colorado to visit and they were those typical k-pop/korean culture fangirls and oh I use to be one of those haha.... okay back to my trip at this store..... I wasn't being a stalker or anything it's just that the store is so tiny that you can hear everything everyone is talking/saying, basically it's like when you're at MAC shopping for makeup. I'm getting sidetracked ; ~ ; sowwie..
Anywho, the store is nicely organized and it the display of the products is the same as if you would go inside MAC, Sephora, or Ulta. They have testers or whatever you call them of every product :3
Once I got to check out, the worker there signed me up for a members account so I can get discounts and all that jazz and they give out samples! I only got one but the lady before me was asking for all these samples and I was just standing there like dannnnng girl~

The rice mask was the "sample" I got and I bought the blackhead sheet that I have yet to use.. I will probably do a blog post when I do use it.

I awkwardly took pictures inside...
I was happy to see my baby suzy everywhere eeep!!

That's all! 
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