♡ A photo diary: Updates!! ♡

It's been forever since I've posted something on here! ; ~ ; seriously I always go MIA on my blog but I shall explain everything~ Just a fair warning this is going to be a lot of writing so..... I will first start out with saying that I am finally done with high school! Yes, I am beyond happy that I don't have to deal with silly people that go to high school anymore :3 I was super duper busy that whole checkout week since I was so behind with my school work and I am the type of person (sometimes) that finishes things at the last minute because I want them to be done well... to be honest that was the case with only one class but still I put all my effort to finish strong! Let's just say that school was so stressful and eeerk, I just wanted all my grades to be perfect but eh. 
Still talking about school, I went to my boyfriend & best friend's graduation which was very lovely :3 I'm so proud of both of them because they were doing everything online and I can just imagine how much a pain in the butt that must have been... I give them major props! Seriously I could never do that ever! I'm more of a person that likes being in a regular school so hahaah :B
I love them both very much. 
Even though after the graduation I wasn't feeling all that great, I still look back at that day and 
think it was good. 

Look at the pictures of the food and be jealous ~
I had a girls day with my best friend and her mom the day after the graduation which was last friday :3
It was something that I really needed, because I missed my best friend loads and we had a lot of laughs and loads of fun! 
Seeing my best friend always makes me very happy!!! ^^ 

 Saturday I went to see one of my favorite bands with my boyfriend :3
I had such a lovely night and I was over filled with joy because it's just one of my favorite bands!!! duh!!!  ; ~ ; 
I was just like weeeeeeee all the dancing and singing along, even though it was super duper hot inside! I'm glad my boyfriend was there with me (even though I was mad at him for a moment) because it was very fun and made it that much better just having him there ^ u ^ <3 hehe

 The opening act was a band named twinsmith and I really really liked them! They were so loud though I couldn't really talk to my boyfriend at all haha :B 

 This is the only decent photo I took... My boyfriend took better photos but I didn't want to bother him at the moment just for the pictures ; ~ ; I'll just add them later to the post so come back and this will updated I pinkie pie promise! 

I spend the night at my boyfriend's house that night so once we got back home, he fricking downloaded farmville and started playing u___u
He was being so cute while playing though because he was so into it and better than me...
Oh I ruined his life ; ~  ; i'm sorry honeyyy *waves* hai I know you will read this! 

He just wouldn't stop playing :c till we almost feel asleep (it was really cute though)

I love ya guys and I hope some of you enjoyed this :> I know it doesn't have the best pictures ever since all of them are from my phone but at least it's something! 
I probably won't be posting till this weekend maybe or next week since my momma is coming tomorrow for my graduation! 
My next blog post will be another photo diary so be prepared!
*mwah mwah mwah* 

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