The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher 03 Plum Cushion Review

Hi everyone! I'm here with a review on this blush from the face shop plus my thoughts on just visiting the face shop.... I didn't even know there was a store literally 5 mins away from me ; ~ ; wow hahah

Color is sooooooooooooOOooo washed out from my camera.... ; ~ ; 

I tried adjusting the camera settings and this is sorta the color that it actually is so you guys can get an idea ^^ 

I couldn't get a good picture because focusing it was so hard
 this is the best picture I got of the powder puff...

Swatchy swatch
The camera really washed the color out sadly
It's a tat bit more darker, just a bit. 


There's plenty for me to talk about so let's get started :3

Packaging: The blush is contained in a sturdy cardboard-y material that's really lightweight. I'm sure the packaging will eventually slowly crumble and all that jazz since it is that cardboard material, but we shall see since it seems pretty sturdy. The blush also comes with a powder puff which is so cute, but to be quiet honest I am probably not going to get much use of it, I like using a brush way better. I love the packaging of the overall line of these blushes! They are all so cute, that was really drew me into buying one and trying it out. *sighs* interesting or cute packaging always gets me!!!
I know i'm not the only one though!  

How much product is inside: 5g also equal as 0.17 oz (measurements taken from packaging)
Lasting power/wear-ability: I think that the color is super pretty and I love that I have something like this in my blush collection, but sadly the lasting power isn't all that great plus it very sheer.... bleh. I'm sure if I applied more on my cheeks it would last longer and have better pigmentation maybe but I don't really like wearing a lot of blush at all I always think I look silly. I like the sheerness but I just wish it was more pigmented because it's such a pretty color. This blush might be different on you though so if you would want to give it a try I would recommend you to, everybunny has different skin types and all :> 
Texture of product: It glides on very softly on my skin and applies just fine, but when swatching with your finger it's a tat tat bit chalky.
Price: At the store I went to I bought it for 11 dollars, it's pricey but you can buy it for cheaper online like on ebay or an asian cosmetic online shop ^ u ^ 
Rate:  8/10 bunnies hopping since it's spring

My thoughts on visiting the face shop

Well first of all I always go to H-mart and I never knew that there was an face shop store right next to it! I am so blind and dumb, I literally noticed just a couple days ago!!!! u__u
Okay let me tell you that right before I got out of the car to enter there was like a group of four girls from texas I believe that were in colorado to visit and they were those typical k-pop/korean culture fangirls and oh I use to be one of those haha.... okay back to my trip at this store..... I wasn't being a stalker or anything it's just that the store is so tiny that you can hear everything everyone is talking/saying, basically it's like when you're at MAC shopping for makeup. I'm getting sidetracked ; ~ ; sowwie..
Anywho, the store is nicely organized and it the display of the products is the same as if you would go inside MAC, Sephora, or Ulta. They have testers or whatever you call them of every product :3
Once I got to check out, the worker there signed me up for a members account so I can get discounts and all that jazz and they give out samples! I only got one but the lady before me was asking for all these samples and I was just standing there like dannnnng girl~

The rice mask was the "sample" I got and I bought the blackhead sheet that I have yet to use.. I will probably do a blog post when I do use it.

I awkwardly took pictures inside...
I was happy to see my baby suzy everywhere eeep!!

That's all! 
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  1. Thanks for the nice review!


    1. thank you so much!! <3
      i'll be checking out your blog for sure :3

  2. Ah great review! I had been contemplating whether this blush is worth it, or whether I'm just a sucker for cute packaging :p