Instagram: May 2014 recap

May was a very interesting month and a lovely month :3 In May I started using instagram more and more! Now it's a part of my social network stream that I must go on which I never thought would happen because I was that type of person who was so anti-instagram but look at me now hahaha.... 
I decided that every month I will take some pictures from my instagram feed and up them on a big-o collage and put it up on here ^^ I've seen many blogs do this and I think it's pretty neat so I am taken this idea and bring it to my blog as well.

The photos are all in order from the beginning of the month till the end of the month, so here are more descriptions of the some of the photos and what-not :> 
Going from left -> right

In May 1st (first photo) my blog reached 100 followers on bloglovin! Which made me pretty happy. May 4th (fifth photo) was Star Wars day so obviously I would have to post a photo like that! I am a big Star Wars fan and what-not but there so much more I want to know about that whole fandom since there's so much to know about each detail about Star Wars which I must learn/read about in the books!!! Everything please ^^ In May 15 (eighth photo) I received my tassel in the mail because I ordered my cap and gown through the interwebs. May 24th (ninth photo) I shared a photo of the lovely cute bag that my best friend gave me it was my birthday present but I haven't seen her for a while so she finally had the opportunity to give it to me ^^ The next day aka May 25th (tenth photo) I posted the picture I took when I went to see metronomy, it was after the concert so that's why the venue's lights were turned off. Moving on to the second to last photo which is me in my corgi kigurumi that I love loads! The very last photo that I added in the collage that was taken on May 31st was a selfie or selca with my best friend at my graduation party. 

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