My Summer Must-Haves! 2014

 A cute hat or a nice hat because it's summer and you want to protect your face from the heat... well I would assume you would want to, and I hope you all are protecting your cute faces! :> 

A nice kimono to keep you covered up and it's really flow-y so it's doesn't get as hot as a thick cardigan 

 3. & 4. 
  Sunglasses are a need for everyone in the summertime... These two are really cute and they don't cost a lot at all which I like LOVE :3 I don't spending a lot on sunglasses because I always lose or break them. I really like the mirrored sunnies because then people can't see my eyes under them and  the color of the mirror lens is cute. I love the combination, these mirror type sunnies are really in this summer so I will sure snag me some and you should too!! 

  I personally only like wearing one-piece swimsuits because I have issues with how my tummy looks. My point is just because I like wearing one-pieces doesn't mean I have to look like an old lady :B One-pieces are really cute!!! Any cute swimsuit is a need in the summer because obviously everyone goes swimming! ^^ It get so hot you just want to jump into a nice cool pool and swim around, pretending you're a mermaid... aka what I do haha

 Breezy shoes like sandals are the biggest thing I need to buy to prepare for the summertime. These sandals have really been grabbing my attention I think they are stylish and cute all in one. I would rather be were these breezy shoes than flip flops but that's just meeee. Whatever you like to wear, you wear. These are just my silly opinions and this is my blog so.... 

Of course a light flow-y dress is a must-have for me... Dresses are so comfortable and perfect for the summertime (all seasons for me though haha) I love dresses because they are already a complete outfit and you don't have to put some much time and effort into your outsit that day, plus there are so many cute dresses out there!!! Pastels is a thing in this in the stores which makes my heart so happy!!! This gal like many other gals out there love her pastel colors
 ^ o ^ hehe

Other Must-Haves
- sunscreen
-A good book
-nice sheer lipstick or lipbalm with a hint of color
-moisturizing lotion and a nice fruity scent lotion
-bright nail polish
-waterproof mascara
-fake tanner lotions

If anyone has ideas for a blog post or just wants to say anything just comment and I shall get back to you :3
oh by the way I got a new haircut for the summertime and i've been wanting to do it forever

whatca guys think????? I like it but i'm still getting use to the bangs and I think I look silly, maybe because those pictures were bad and my makeup was faded :B idk idkkk 

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