Open when letters.... DIY

I'm sure you've seen this DIY everywhere on pinterest because it's a really cute and meaningful gift. I love doing DIY's for my boyfriend because I never get him anything but I do try to give him something that comes from the heart and is more meaningful than when I buy him something. ^^ I love my boyfriend and sometimes I don't show it as much to him, so I decided that doing this DIY would be perfect.
Doing DIYs means more to me than getting him something from the store because I make everything with love and I put a lot of effort into them....  A LOT OF EFFORT AND LOOOOOOOVE. I spend at least two days writing 10 letters for him and having to take breaks since hand cramps ^ n ^ wahhhhh. 
All in all it was worth it, I just want to make my boyfriend happy like any other girlfriend out there and would go to the greatest lengths to do that. My lengths are limited though sometimes I must admit that hahaha.

My mom has always taught me that if you don't have a lot of money doing DIYs is the best way to go to show you still want to give them a little something and it's also fun.
 My mom loves pinterest and she's always been a crafty person since I was a kiddo. You guys should have seen my graduation party haha you could see that my mom is crafty and loves pinterest, all the things she made were so cute and they made me happy! <3

(tokki aka the bunny that Aaron took me to make on my birthday last year is holding the letters for now till I give them to my cutie bear. Oh btw tokki smells like cupcakes ^^ heheh)

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