July Favorites 2014

I didn't take a front picture of this product but it's the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation... I had to go pick up a new foundation when I lost my little makeup bag I had with me when I went to denver comic con :< I lost about 4 things I loved ugh!!! Let me tell you that this foundation is lovely! It doesn't make me oily at all and it long lasting on me, I wouldn't say 24 hrs though... Who would even wear their makeup for that long? (actaully I sleep with my makeup on 70% of the time haha) I love the texture and the feel of this foundation on my skin, it doesn't cake up and doesn't feel heavy at all since it's "whipped". The only con I have about this product is the packaging, it's so bulky and heavy :l 

I was going to add a picture of a swatch but it's way to washed out and wouldn't help anyone... poop.

I love this stuff! This is just a sample size which makes me sad because the full size of this is about 40-50 dollars I believe i'm not sure... Anywho i've been using this as my moisturizer lately and I LOVE IT! My skin just sucks it up and make it feel great. It can look kinda oily on me if I use a lot but most of the time I use a little bit because I don't want to run out haha ^ u ^


I really like this eyeliner. I love the felt tip brush so much. I'm a gal that likes loves felt tip liquid liners since it's the easiest way for me to apply and make a cat eye with. I have nothing bad to say about this product ^^
I got it in the shade brownish black. 

The brush is long and easy for me to quickly line my eyes and then do the cat eye


I love the baby lips line and this has been my favorite to go lip product because it give me the perfect amount of color to my lips. It's not too bold and it make they very soft :3


When I do want to wear more than the baby lips I've been wearing this on my lips and I love this color! I don't know how to explain it but it's sorta a dark pinkish red. It looks beautiful on the lips and it's matte!

The color is called "San Paulo"

This mist is just perfect to me... I don't have anything else to compare it to since I haven't tried out any other setting spray (I should try more out, I know). I read online that this is comparable to the high end sprays, for what you're paying. You can't bet 3 dollars for this, I really love this product but i'm not sure how it would work on others ; ~; 
If you have tried it out, tell me if you like it or hate it... I am wondering 

This right here is a cream eyeshadow from Drew Barrymore's "Flower" makeup line that's sold at Wal-Mart. I've never tried any cream eyeshadows ever but I watched a video from itsjudytime and she was saying how great these are so I thought I would pick on out and WOW I have found a new love! I want to buy more!! They are so pigmented and the color is just beautiful! *heart eyes* I've been using it as a base or as the all center color and it looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry I just really love this product haha

bad swatch picture... It looks amazing on the eyes though

TV Shows

I started watching 'Bates Motel' when I was at my moms and wow omg :o it's got so many plot twists, sometimes the show can be confusing though. I finished only season one since that's the only season currently on netflix :< BOOOOOO
I wish netflix would update season more quickly!

Habits (Stay High) -Tove Lo
Bad Sun's album: Language & Perspective 
The City - The 1975
Rude - MAGIC! (I know judge me, I sing it at least once a day)


I watched this when I was visiting at my mom's with aaron, my brother, and my mom. My mom recommend this movie to us so of course we all watched it. I'll try my best to give you a rundown of this movie. It's about three bodybuilders that plan to destroy a rich man's life and literally take everything that he has. They do this by kidnapping the man and torturing him till he would finally break and sign all these papers to basically give his life away. A lot of crazy shit happens in the movie but you have to watch it and find out what else happens. It's a really good movie and I would recommend everyone to watch it! ; u ; It's on Netflix! 
It's based on a true story and I am always intrigued by movies like these.


I try to take as many pictures of Salem because i'm going to miss kitty sized him when he grows up :'< 
I love you so much *heart eyes* 

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I'm a mom, to a cat. Introducing my kitty, Salem ♡

Everyone that follows me on twitter already knows about my baby. The story about how I got Salem probably sounds shady but I was at my mom's and she lives about 4 hours away from Denver, Colorado in this horrible town... Anywho, my step-dad was on facebook or something like that and he found out that someone was giving away some free kittens ^^ My mom and siblings were like "AWHHHHH we want a cat!!!!!!!" but the problem was the kittens were two other towns away. After a couple of minutes my parents decided that we could go anyways.
We all got ready and went to the town, the town was really small so the location where the kittens were was really easy to find. We arrived at the house and once we entered there was the guy that put up the ad, his wife and children sitting on the couch surrounded with kittens that were meowing. 
They were all so cute and I was holding them all and was thinking, "wow should I get one for myself? I do want a pet and they are so cuteeeeeeeee!" I randomly picked one up and told my mom that I was getting it. I fell in love with the cute meows and how fricking soft he was. The man that put up the ad joked that we could take them all since their cat would get knocked up a lot but he said that this would be the last time hopefully... 
Once I left I wanting to tell aaron right way but he didn't have a phone at the time so that's when I tweeted at him that he's a kitty daddy now... (later he told me he's allergic to cats sighs) 
On the way back to my mom's house Salem kept meowing a lot and climbing on me, I was scared but once we got to the house he got more settled in and got to know me and my brother a bit better. 
I named my cat Salem and i've had that name in mind if I ever get a black cat. I'm a huge fan of Sabrina the teenage witch and I love salem, he's fricking hilarious on the show plus super duper cute :B 
To be honest I use to be very afraid of cats when I was little but as I get older I adore them more and more! I think I developed this idea of how a cat is from hearing about them from others and from watching animal planet shows haha.. Now that I have my own cat, I will understand fully how they really are ^ u ^ 

So far he is acting very, very well! The only problem i'm working with him is to stop biting me but that only happens when we are playing around. I only play with him with his toys not my hands or feet, but sometimes he just tries to play with my hands when i'm texting or am on my phone ; ~ ; bahaha

Wish this was more focused :< 

Sup i'm being a little kitty model
 - Salem

stupid camera doesn't focus u__u sorta blurry but still cute ^^

He loves laying and sleeping on my chest at night... This happens when he wants my attention though.

Sorry about this blurry mobile photo... Salem always moves 

I love you little shit taco and you make me the happiest everyday, from hearing your cute/annoying meows in the mornings to cleaning your litter box everyday.
- your mommy, Sam

If you lovely people have any advice for me about cat, please tell me! :3

I'm just here to say..... (My cruelty-free pledge)

 Image taken from peta

I woke up and was on kalel blog and read her long and very intersting/inspiring blog post about her feelings towards animal cruelty, it really hit me home when I was reading about the beauty products since I, like many other gals out there use many beauty products daily. Products that we use for our hair, nails, and body that are getting tested on poor animals (mostly bunnies) that shouldn't have to deal with that pain just because we want to alternate ourselves. I have spent all morning researching and discovering all the brands that aren't cruelty-free which have made me both shocked and surprised that I have been a part of such a thing. Harming animals always make me very sad and mentally ill to think that people actaully do such horrible things to beautiful creatures that can't even talk or help themselves. 
This brings me upon the issue of eating meat and what animals go through in the food industry, let me tell you that I have thought of becoming a vegetarian/vegan many of times but for someone that lives with people and is around people that eat meat it's a hard thing. That sounds like an excuse probably but it really is quiet hard and I really want to be doing it full force when I live on my own and am not tempted to eat meat.  
For now I have taken a pledge to myself and on the peta website to stop buying products that do animal testings, this is going to be difficult but there are plenty of websites that will help me to spot what brands aren't/are cruelty-free. I do have to say that there are some makeup products that I have that aren't cruelty-free that I won't be re-purchase after they all gone. I will for sure keep you guys posted on how I am doing and that I will not bail out of because it breaks my heart. 

I pledge on here that
 "testing on animals is cruel and unnecessary. By signing this pledge, I refuse to spend my money on companies that make animals suffer for their products or to support corporations that abuse animals."  

Here are some links that I thought will be useful to someone that is interested in this now


If anyone know more useful links for me, please comment and list them I will apperiate it a lot! 

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